Survival fitness: physical training and survival


Michael kurchina

It is easy to think about it.

– Johann wolfgang von goethe

I remember how many years ago. It didn’t have a chance to leave the house. The streets were drifted several feet high. This is a “snow kingdom.” It would be a very difficult time for people to travel.

We felt some anxiety – as if nature itself challenged us! We looked at each other.

It is worth it. He is 7 years younger than me, but shorter, muscular and stronger. I was trying to get rid of it. I was more resilient, I always wanted to take advantage. We are well suited and complementary to each other during joint sports activities, passing on positive energy. 23 years after our first meeting for self-improvement.

After a short pause, I told him: “This is cold! we just have to run! ”
Without thinking twice, he shouted: “Yes, man! It will be very cool! “

We were very pleased, however, despite our differences in health and fitness. We warmed up and decided to do it. After we cleared the door of the snow, it was decided to run with a bare torso. Of all our equipment, only shorts, socks and shoes remained.

Make your decision and proceed to action.

It is a final decision. We decided that we’ve taken a run from the North Sheridan Road and further down to Lakeshore Park Drive. There you can, then turn around and run back.

It was blending in the street. But we didn’t go as far as possible! No room for error. We couldn’t have been a cold drink.

Our main task was survival. I stopped feeling like a “chicken” that existed in “greenhouse conditions”.

Despite the fact that it was not a warm day. I’m gonna make me stop my hair.

Mark your position

Many drivers supported us – they signaled and raised their thumbs up. Several drivers shouted something like the window: “Hey, you stupid assholes! Put on warm clothes! ”But we’ve been motivated by this. Looking at us, wearing hats, gloves, leg warmers and heavy jackets. People threw strange, smiled and laughed. Thank you for these emotions, Chicago!

Were raised high legs, one after another, in snow, where our snow was rising above our knees. I followed him. Feet were wet and cold. For only one short minute the sun’s rays were our salvation. Calmed down from time to time.

I wouldn’t have chest or face. My saliva froze, my mouth wrinkled I’m sure I don’t feel the same way.

The color of my chest became light purple from the cold. I couldn’t move my fingers, but I no longer wanted to turn back. We went too far to turn back.

We walked around the Sea Pier, I caught up with Don. 15 feet high, shouting like Tarzan. He didn’t need to be back, he’d be clustered, jumped over his shoulder, jumped up … He didn’t seek any praise in anyone’s views. I was stunned!

To think about

I have reached the bottom of the wall. The view was very awesome. I didn’t have that “trampled” Chicago far and wide, but I didn’t do that. I thought, “With my luck, I will break my ankles by landing on the stones.” Don still hasn’t looked back. His silhouette disappeared away.

My heart sank. I retreated a good distance, ran and jumped, pushing hard, trying to land where I had landed. Shouting, after a moment, I’m hitting the ground, ending my jump with a fucking ninja-somersault, and breaking into a happy smile.

Nothing is broken. Another 20 miles – and we will be at home. For several weeks, it’s not a problem.

Over the years we have been doing so. For example, a 50-mile mileage caught It was a 60-mile race car.

However, since this was not really the most dangerous tests in our life, it has really been connected with survival.

The external conditions were terrible – cold, wind, snow and ice. We have no protection and resources. But, despite all these difficulties, it helped me to reach the end.

Having written this article, I showed it to Don. We laughed long and loud, remembering what we had to go through. It was the time when he was challenged by the forces of nature.

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