Survival for the blonde

I read everything that is on the “Epoch of the Dead” Cruise. Stumbled upon this vastness of boundless tyrnet on such fanfic here. It scares you …

Blind Marina sat at the street. There are lots of people who have survived, and there are hundreds of zombies. It is a nightmare.

She didn’t even know how lucky she was. Two weeks ago, returning from a nightclub, Marina managed to scratch her Matiz on a lamppost. For the day before, it’s time to And after three days, it was racking with a zombie apocalypse.

At first it was the girl who was outside the window. Crowds of people fleeing from zombies were running there. Zombies were worn, glaring their teeth into the slow-moving living. The marauders raged, dragging away all the more or less valuable. In the past, there were zombies, marauders, alarmists, and even each other.

Marina looked at all this with sadness and longing. She tried to save her love. Alas, some suspicious champing was heard.

It is not clear that there has been a lot of fun. Therefore, it was completely cut off, and it wasn’t even a couple of days ago. There was still a supply of chocolates, but he quickly came to an end. It has been noted that it has been the case in the country. It was not clear that they were coming to the head of the birds.

Her despair has reached the limit. If you’re not sure, you’ve been so much more worried about it. If it’s been so long ago for such a case. But it seems to come.
Suddenly sad thoughts interrupted the roar of the engine. Marina looked hopefully out of the window and fluttered her heart. Along the street, an armored car roasted, brutally growling. The revived dead, iron box, hobbling, ran up the doorways. There was a crash of time to time.

A pair of cobwells knocked on the back of her neck area.

– Citizens survivors! The Revival of Mankind is not a representative of the militarized formation. Provide safety and security assistance, as well as provide safeguards in a safe place! If someone hears me, please give a signal!
– Hey, I’m here! – Marina cried, rolling over the window sill, sticking her head out. – Help me! I’m scared!
– Wait a minute! It was a rainy day. Opening it, continued. – First, I would like to inform you of our society and our society made a decision. There is no doubt that this is a case of survival. Therefore, you have to pass the test.

– Test? – a girl puzzled eyes puzzled.
“Let’s start with mathematics,” the commander continued adamantly. – The multiplication table, I hope, remember? How much is twelve multiplied by fifteen?
– I … this … – Marina Her memory suggested that you shouldn’t interfere. The idea that you can count on a piece of paper, she didn’t even come.

– Well, what about eight? – the military continued to get to the bottom. – Five five … Damn, girl, well, at least, you can remember?
– Six? – Marina blurted out at random.

“I see,” the man muttered wearily. – Let’s turn to geography. – His voice suddenly became insidiously ingratiating. – What are the current European countries?
“Well, France is there, Italy,” the blonde mumbled, recalling her voyages abroad.

– Wrong, there are no more such countries! The military man barked gaily and immediately laughed. – Well, it was a joke. What are the main rivers of the African continent?
– Volga! – Marina immediately shouted out the first thing that occurred to her. Although immediately realized that somewhere she was wrong. It seemed to be a little bit more interested in the price of jewelry.
“The diagnosis is clear,” the military man once again became. – I think I can not ask about the mountain ranges of Europe.

The girl was instinctively nodded. But for some reason, her memory is obligingly provided.

“We turn to the story,” the man looked at the blonde doubtfully, then with a sigh, chose what was easier. – What was the first manned flight into space?
– At forty-one? – Marina murmured doubtfully. She remembered what she really didn’t figure out.
– If then someone flew, then the documents have not survived, – the military man growled. – I do not know what to ask. From the literature or something. The most famous work of Tolstoy?
– Mu Mu! – Marina happily jumped, remembering something from the school course.

– My regrets, but you didn’t pass, – “I’m trying to get your hands on it.” And my advice, try to commit suicide quickly. You can even before we leave. We will shoot your zombies quickly guaranteed.

– But why ?! The girl shouted in despair.
– Because because! It was a man who responded to the commander, shouted it.

– Boobs show!

Just two weeks ago, she was marina Marina, forcing her to slap a brazen boor. But now, when there was a choice between life and death, there was no choice. It is a little girl who hasn’t been in love with her body. There was a significant silence.

– Sit on the spot, now we will come!

If you’ve been wrestling during the two weeks. It has been found that it has been worn by its elite brandy. The commander was silent and frowned, because it seemed to be a failure. Humanity has once again chosen beauty. But who can save the world?

No Den “Fisherman” Stranger, December 24, 2011.

Survival for the blonde. Fan fiction on the universe &# 171; The epoch of the dead&# 187;

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