Survival Guide for the US Army: Contacting Local People

The most common recommendation for contact and interaction with the locals – accept, respect and adapt. “In Rome, act like a Roman.” Great advice. In practice, there are several conditions for its implementation.

Contact with local residents

22-1. Take the issue seriously interactions with local people. How primitive is their culture? Are they farmers or fishermen, allies or enemies? With the survival of intercultural relations, the people themselves. This may lead to communicating with people extremely primitive culture or relatively modern. It is considered correct and acceptable. Not mind you. Regardless of those values, they can be different. In advance, even before the operation in the area, study them. Awareness and preparation will help successfully interact with local people or, if necessary, avoid them.

22-2. People can be friendly, hostile or neutral. Their relationship is unknown in advance. If you know what you want to know about it. If their an attitude not known or hostile avoid contact shelter traces of their presence. In this case, it is important to know about the local population. If you’re trying to establish with them contact, but only in case of strong need.

22-3. It is nothing but fear. With careful and polite interaction with local people You can get a lot. If you are familiar, it’s most importantly, respect. Avoid trouble to get the help you need. To establish contact wait until the first step. Most people help the needy. However, advocacy may change an attitude initially friendly people. It’s not a problem.

22-4. Successful contact with local residents is a friendly attitude, courtesy and patience. The manifestation of fear And provoke a hostile reaction. Making contact smile as often as possible. Many locals are fearful and seem impregnable, or simply ignore you. Hurry to begin communication.

Survival mode

22-5. Use for barter with local salt, tobacco, coins and other similar items. Money is well known all over the world. Do not overpay; This can lead to embarrassment or even trouble. Always treat people with respect to them.

22-6. Sign language can be very effective. Many people are accustomed to non-verbally. Phrases of the local language. Ways to show respect for alien culture. Since English is widely used, it is widely used.

22-7. Some places are “taboo” on the beliefs of the townsfolk, under the threat of supernatural punishment. Can be either religious or sacred, or infected or dangerous. In certain places. Learn the rules and follow them. Watch and learn as much as possible. It will help strengthen relationships may be later useful. Contact people locals for advice and where to find out where aggressive people can be. You always find other countries that they simply don’t understand. cultures and individuals. They usually trust their close neighbors.

22-8. Often locals may suffer from infections. If possible, build a separate shelter and avoid advertising. Prepare food without water. Often, the locals take “personal habits” or “religious traditions”.

22-9. In a more primitive society barter or trade are commonplace. Jewelry for truskets or ordinary coins. In isolated places, matches, tobacco, salt, razor blades, can be more than any money.

22-10. Be careful, touching people. Such actions can be dangerous, many consider “touchesTaboo Avoid sex.

22-11. In some people, the hospitality is so strong cultural tradition, that they can spend the stranger. Accept what they offer and share with everyone. Eat the same as others, and, most importantly, try to eat everything that is offered.

22-12. Giving promises, keep them. Respect private property, local customs and manners, even if they seem strange. Pay for something with food and supplies. Respect privacy. Do not enter the home without an invitation.

Changes in political loyalty

22-13. The international views of the nations are undergoing drastic changes. The population of most countries, especially those who are not hostile to the community, cannot be considered a mere demonstration. If you are not aware of the behavior of the local population, avoid any contacts with him.

Survival Guide for the US Army. Chapter 22: Contacting People

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