Survival Guide for the US Army: Dangerous insects and arachnids

Insects, as a threat to the survivor, it is often underestimated. Every year in the United States, more and more people die from anaphylactic shock, rather than from snakes. Rest insects quite poisonous, even fatal, but often the most dangerous spread of disease.

Scorpionidae family

Habitat: Under logs, stones and debris. In the shadow.

Distribution: Various species worldwide. Black widow in the USA, red in the middle East and brown in Australia.

Note: Females are poisonous. It is a spider of the deadly to humans.

If you’re not giving it a shot of It is also possible to receive a healthy oral cavity, without wounds, stomatitis, caries, gingivitis. Otherwise, the poison will be in your circulatory system. After sucking, rinse your mouth with water. Bitten limb to immobilize and minimize the movement of the victim. It is recommended that the giving him hot drinks. Limbs of the victim. Then you can reduce the pain. If necessary, you can use any painkiller. Bite black widow It is a special serum.


Survival Guide for the US Army. Appendix D. Dangerous insects and arachnids

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