Survival Guide for the US Army: Survival in Cold Weather

Survival in the coldNew weather – one of the most difficult extreme scenarios. Remember, the enemy is not the enemy of the enemy. Each time risking in cold medium, have to deal with the elements. They can be overcome by the environment, upcoming plans. If you exclude one or more items. Remember, winter is extremely unstable. Even in clear sunny weather.

Cold life threatening and survival It is a desire to reduce energy. Cold is a cunning enemy. This is a person who wants to live.

Cold regions and settlements

15-1. Cold regions – these are arctic, subarctic regions directly adjacent to them. About 48% of the land. It is clear that the currencies of the region are in cold weather. The altitude above the sea level (s. L.) Also has a noticeable influence, defining cold regions.

15-2. In cold regions, there are wet and dry. Knowing what you want to do. cold weather survival.

Wet cold environment

15-3. Wet cold weather Celsius and above. At night in the cold frosts occur during and during the day – thaw. Although it is a warmer at this time, it is usually very difficult. In such an environment, it should not be allowed to rain or sleet.

Dry cold environment

15-4. Dry cold weather temperature below -10 degrees Celsius. Despite this fact, it is much less than usual. These conditions are extremely dangerous during wind and low temperatures.

Wind-cold index

15-5. There are no wind or cold indexes or regions. The area of ​​the body. It is a scant of the wind. For example, with a wind speed of 27.8 km / h and a temperature of -10 degrees, the weather sharpness factor is -23 degrees. Table 15-1 reflects wind-cold index – The effect of different speeds and winds.

15-6. Remember, even if it’s a winding outsider?

It has been confirmed that there has been a tendency to cold european winter During the Second World War. They turned out to be a polar explorer of the rainbow in the winter of 1941. wind speed. The air temperature during the experiment ranged from –56 ° C to –9 ° C, the wind temperature from zero to 12 m / s. Scientists got the formula

Survival Tips and Skills

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