Survival Guide for the US Army. Ways to signal

During survival one of the main problems get in touch with his or allied unit. As a rule, this includes the transmission and receipt of information. First of all, it’s necessary to understand. This pattern has been created by artificial shapes; a big bonfire or a flash of light; a large, slow-moving, bright subject or color / shadow contrast. Signalal This is a sub-mission of the world.


19-1. Find the largest point of the area. Use the most obvious signal. In the combat situation of enemy troops. Choose a point from the ground, but not from the ground. To hide signaling from the enemy, choose the place where you want it. In order to verify the situation.

19-2. It is also important to know how. give a signal and be fully alert to use it. If possible, avoid methods. It is your mission. Before signaling Suspend prisoner.

19-3. Radio communication, how to get your location and get an answer. Well study the radio station available in the unit. Learn to use them. Remember how to send and receive messages.

19-4. Find a description of methods, devices and tools signaling. Learn how to use them. Think about the modifying conditions. Practice these methods, devices and signaling means before applying them. Planed and pre-prepared methods increase the chances of salvation.

Signal means

19-5. – visual and sound. Their use depends on the specific situation and resources. You can also always use visual and sound signals. There are references to the “three repetitions.” Nature copies three times. As a rule, “things in threes” are more often than not.

Visual cues

19-6. For the supply of rescue visual cues various materials and equipment are used. They include fire, smoke, flares and other means.

the fire

19-7. At night, fire is the most effective as a visual. signaling means. You can kindle of the triangle (international distress signal) or in a line (the distance between them is about 25 m). How to use it. Keeping a fire on three fires alone is a harder. It is better to light one signal fire. Canal be seen from an observation.

19-8. When preparing signal bonfires, consider the geographical location. In the jungle, there is a stretch of stretch or coast of the river, where you can choose. You may even have to clear the space. In the snow, you can’t get it.

19-9. It is a burning tree (a tree-torch) (Figure 19-1). You can set fire to resinous and even deciduous trees. Place the branches on the lower branches. Then set the brightly and the foliage burns. Before as tree-torch it will give you more smoke. Always pick up an isolated tree.

19-23. Haze, fog or mirage hamper visibility reflector signals. Therefore for signaling Climb to the highest point of the area. If you can’t determine the location of the aircraft.

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