Survival History: Aaron Ralston

All accidents can not be foreseen. But you can’t cope with. It doesn’t even make it possible to seriously simplify problems. Take, for example, the tragedy that hit the American climber Aron ralston


Aron ralston born in 1975. He graduated from school, then the Carnegie Mellon Institute, specializing in mechanical engineering, began working at Intel. Because the guy was fascinated by mountaineering. There has been a lot of version, since there has been a lot of effort. Then one day, in 2003, the highest peak of the Colorado in one winter.

And it was quite an achievable goal – Arona Ralstonand it was the equipment. But where he begins to travel, he will be diligently. There are much simpler conditions. But it had no plans. Large boulder Arona Ralston at the bottom of blue john canyon.


The right working hand is completely disabled. It does not hurt, since it feels nothing. Pull fails in any way. Stone wedged tight, and it weighs a lot. Sandstone, despite its name, is it not to be crushing it. Because it turned out that in the inventory Arona Ralston there is only Chinese multitool with a blunted blade …

This is the moment from which any survivalist immediately starts to bomb. TAKE ON YOUR NORMAL KNIFE! If our hero didn’t mind it, then it would be easier.

But we digress. Also, it was a liter of water, a small supply of food (2 burritos). And, in fact, everything. You need to be aware of the fact. More precisely were in the car. But the camera was taken with our hero.

I must say that winters in Utah are not that cold. In the afternoon. In fact, there you can even get a sunstroke. At night, the coyon cools down very quickly and strongly. So hypothermia has also been added to the problems. It can be seen that people can’t grow up. Arona Ralston for salvation. Oh yeah, it all happened,


At first the climber decided to wait for help. Still, he realized. But for some days, it’s not a problem. But the hypothermia simply had to endure. Hen’t always began to hurt. Actually, at this stage Aron ralston But you can try to save yourself. It is only necessary to saw off the hand. Dumb Chinese multitool. Without anesthetic. To yourself. Left hand.

Details of the process omitted. We couldn’t even see what the climber could put on him. But still lost a lot of blood. The main difficulty began when I had to cut a bone. Alas, he didn’t chop off everything, because the hand was squeezed significantly further. But the guy had no other options. And he had to cut his hand for several hours. In the process, he lost consciousness of a couple of times. But he did it.

Then it was “easier.” Where he got the car It was almost not there. If you’ve accidentally turned up to the car. But he was given first aid and rescuers were summoned. Arona Ralston in hospital.


It is a history of the mountaineer of the United States. Arona Rolston he made a documentary about him (not bad, by the way). But the main thing is he didn’t give up his extreme passion. Heel hand brush And this did not prevent him from climbing up to Kilimanjaro. It is not excluded.

And now about the important. What, in fact, were the errors? Blunt knife – this time. Pack of hand first-aid kits – these are two. Did not have communications – three. True, horseradish was contact out, but there was a chance.

the main problem lone survivor – if something happens to you, then you have to get out yourself. Without any help. And this is not always possible. But some cope, even at the cost of terrible injuries and psychological shock. So just try to prepare for everything as carefully as possible, especially in terms of equipment.

The story of survival: Aaron Ralston. Without a hand, but alive

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