Survival history: Flight FH-227. Andes, cold and cannibalism

It was still a trip to the ground. But he doesn’t end up in peace.

That is exactly what happened in 1972 flight FH-227. 45 people find themselves in a falling out and a crumbling plane. If you only knew how to survived … But let’s not hurry.


October 13, 1972. A team of “Old Cristians” flew from Montevideo (Uruguay) to Santiago (Chile). On board were also coaches, sponsors of the team. Only 40 people, not counting the 5 crew members. It was impossible to get there. It seems like a standard situation – it’s okay, because there is a lot of fuel, it is experienced. So we flew around.

In the area of ​​the ridge of Curico pilots flight FH-227 Received permission from dispatchers to start a decline. But there wasn’t any dispatcher. It is a need to go on the instruments. But it’s not a problem. And the fuselage slipped a few kilometers along the rocky slope.

First days

Athletes were not allowed to survive. Directly in a crash flight FH-227 only 12 people died. Another 6 died a little later from injuries. But even the two athletes had elementary medical care. It was decided to wait for the rescuers. But after 8 days, it became clear that the search stopped …

And here is the strangest moment. Why did you stop searching for nothing at all? It seems to be a lot of more information. “They didn’t find it in 8 days – well, to hell with it. Who cares? ”, It happened as it happened.

It wasn’t any clothes flight FH-227 was the usual charter flight. I love you, I love you. Even there was no material for kindling. It will not be a problem. But without food was hard. This is one of the first days of food chocolates and nuts. And I wanted to eat.

Short disposition. High Andes – damn desert terrain. There are no trees, no animals there. Bare rocks, lichens and snow. The temperature drops to -20 degrees Celsius. The winds are blowing. It is extremely difficult.

Difficult decision

He didn’t have to deteriorate carefully. Yes, you understood correctly. The survivors decided to eat those less fortunate. Honestly, I wasn’t however, emergency situations require emergency solutions. And people started eating people.

It should be noted that it is extremely disgusting. The Uruguay – and even more so. But what you can do for the sake of survival. Go to details: Yes, no. However, even this meat was enough for a while. If not another trouble.

New problems

What is the biggest problem in the mountains? That’s right, an avalanche. The layers of snow disturbed by the fall flight FH-227 , started to go down. In short, the blow was terrible. The fuselage of more than 5 people died. Their remains were kept the rest longer. In addition, keep warm, keep warm, keep warm.

But he didn’t have to go. He wasn’t trying to reach people in such conditions. However, like sitting in place. So sooner or later, the most desperate should have been decided. This is what happened. Their names were Nando Parrado, Roberto Canessa and Antonio Visintin.

The rescue

As it became a warmer, it could be used for warming. Yes, and some stocks of meat appeared. In the first “expedition” they managed to find a well-preserved tail with luggage. And there was some food from the cold. Also, it couldn’t start it.

It became clear that you need to send for help. It even became clear. It was a warming bag. Meanwhile, it was already December 12th. I’m remind you of the disaster for 12 months.

Therefore, it’s not a problem. It was a wicked wreckage. Rio San José. A very correct decision – they were able to report that the passengers flight FH-227 still alive and in dire need of help.

Of the 45 people flying to flight FH-227, survived 16. All emaciated, frostbitten, with various injuries and some psychological problems. But alive

Actually, I would like to say. The most ordinary people. It was trained to learn how to survive. Yes, someone could provide first aid. However, they were not ready for trouble. And it’s a real miracle. It’s not clear how to reach people.

Survival history: Flight FH-227. Andes, cold and cannibalism

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