Survival History: Thor Heyerdahl

Frankly, I’m not interested in normal people. It doesn’t happen to anyone. But there are many examples of this. Take at least the famous anthropologist Tura Heyerdahl.

For those who are in the tank. Thor heyerdahl – Norwegian traveler, archeologist and anthropologist, He has 4 large-scale projects, which are completely successful. On the Kon-Tiki wooden raft. He proved that he could easily come in contact with the peoples of Polynesia. Unfortunately, he didn’t have to go. But theoretically it was possible.

Second and third projects Tura heyerdahl Were devoted to the boat in papyrus. It is a kind of ordinary cane. It turned out only from the second attempt. This is the case for the Indian subcontinent. But it was not the case for the Red Sea. There are, as usual, some African tribes (sponsored by the United States) tried to seize power from the other African tribes (sponsored by the USSR). Or vice versa. In short, the swim was not high

I.e Thor heyerdahl on his own experience SUCCESSFULLY proved all his assumptions. At the same time almost died several times. Meanwhile, he had a wife and children. But no – scientific truths are more important. By this way, this citizen was married three times. Coincidence? I do not think.

The short disposition is clear, yes? Now let’s talk about the expedition you had to face. Tura heyerdahl harsh survival. What for? You know something from this information.

So. Papyrus sailing “Ra”. The problems started from the very start of the project. Of course, it was taken for an Egyptian fishermen for a long time. But with increasing size, the complexity of the project increases exponentially. If you’re trying to make it, you’lln’t be able to travel. But the project somehow finished. It was clear. Wonderful planning, nothing can be said.

It has been preserved for a few months. Well, of course, the supply of fresh water. And all this for 7 people. The size of the boat is 15 meters long, 5 wide. The thickness of the layer is 2 meters.

In the process of swimming, it became clear that:

  • The steering paddle was not there. I had to change, splice, repair, but in the future.
  • The deck is constantly flooded with water. It is difficult to work.
  • Strengthening the sides of the boat.
  • Life jackets on the ancient Egyptian model – rolls from papyrus – shit.
  • It can be a little bit difference.
  • Shortwave radio – shit. It is a yacht, which anthropologists for 5 days have only reached.
  • The boat has turned into a pile of floating canes.
  • The mast is the weakest part of the design. A strong squall breaks it as a do-uh-fuck. Gets you it.
  • Corned beef with heat and humidity deteriorates and starts to stink. But it suits the sharks.
  • Storms, especially for small fragile boats. Actually, it was the last straw that finished the structure of the hull.

But a couple of weeks “Ra” still lasted afloat, Thor heyerdahl made conclusions “Ra 2” in 57 days I was able to reach the island of Barbados without any problems.

The fourth expedition was carried out by boat from cattail “Tigris” Yes, the Norwegian liked to go boating on boats from the most hip materials. “Kon-Tiki”-that of wood was made. So, this expedition found out that:

  • The ancient mariners were very lucky that there was no maritime traffic as such. You would like to see your boat.
  • Anchors can tear. And after this swimming becomes uncontrolled.
  • The handlebars still break. The size of the vessel.

In general, swimming was much calmer, because the correct conclusions were made. He stayed afloat for 6 months. This is a brilliantly confirmed hypothesis of the Mesopotamia and the Indian subcontinent.

And now the funny thing. Thor heyerdahl panicked by the water. Just to horror. But at 22, he fell into the lake, began to sink, and somehow emerged. Since then, the fear has been diminished, but not completely gone. Perhaps it’s also possible to conquer the fear in themselves? If so, then it is not only for the determination of their weaknesses.

Expedition Details Tura heyerdahl can be read in his autobiographical books: “Expedition” Tigris “”, “Journey to” Kon-Tiki “”, “Ra”. The language of the translator is still colorful.

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