Survival History: Troy Driscoll and Josh Long

There is nothing worse than the vagaries of nature. It’s powerless. Although no, I am mistaken. Virtually any elemental atrocities can be experienced, or at least, to prevent grave consequences. But when human stupidity comes in play, the chance of salvation becomes almost zero.

It is this story that happened with By troy driscoll and Josh Long. They are the victims of their boat. It’s not a problem. But about everything in order.


2005 year. South Coast USA. Charleston Township. Children who swim in the early years. It is a woman who lives in the water.

Actually, Troy driscoll (15 years old) and his friend Josh long (17 years) such a fear was not. I like them. Especially since its a cool fishing pole. No sooner said than done. Heyday

The South Carolina has a strong influence on the Gulf Stream. The boat is picked up and carried in the open ocean. The guys stupidly lacked strength to resist this. Moreover, Josh accidentally pushed his “cool” fishing rod over the sharks. What made him so angry, that he was hysterical attack over water …

In total, there are two teenagers in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, The situation is hopeless.

Problems and Solutions

But I want to live for their survival. True, they had little opportunity. There are no problems with condensation. And it was hot. Very hot. It is practically impossible to protect oneself from this sun. Someone came up with a brilliant idea – to be cooled in water. In the short, after close contact with the fish. The skin eats away.

Losing a fishing rod was thought more tragic than josh thought at the beginning. It was possible to catch some fish. Frankly, jellyfish – not the most nutritious food. Moreover, they are very salty, which increased the dehydration of organisms.

Control boat movements Troy driscoll it was not a weakening. It was necessary to make it, it was necessary to make it out. And the chances of salvation are melted away every minute.

I couldn’t have your job. There was enough power to scribe the death. But here on the horizon fishermen appeared who were heading towards rapprochement with the boat.


It has been noted Troy dreamsoclu would no longer be needed. So a fluke helped the unlucky fishermen to stay alive. After a brief rehabilitation, they were allowed to go home. But the story was taken for a wide resonance. And the guys themselves began to invite all kinds of talk shows. America, in short. He therefore plunged himself, he himself heroically razbёb, therefore – a hero.

Now everything is fine with the guys. Troy driscoll works as a fireman in Charleston. Josh Long, who serves in the National Guard, has a wife and son. Made it not since they made them. There is nothing more dangerous than their own hindsight, rashness and stupidity.

Well what can I say. 80 percent of personal skills. They are just lucky. To dig your own grave. If someone was a bit more prudent, an unpleasant situation could have been avoided. It’s not a rashly dear reader. Oh yeah, do not eat raw jellyfish – from this more harmless than good.

Survival History: Troy Driscoll and Josh Long

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