Survival in extreme conditions: Immediate reserve

Emergency ration, or NZ – stock of basic necessities. This is a list of scenarios of survival in extreme conditions. NZ is stored as a rule in packaged form.

An alarming briefcase (or an alarming backpack) has a similar purpose, but the latter can only be used.

What is nz for?

The philistines are extremely carefree and frivolous people. They hardly think about the future. People go to work, watch TV, drink beer and eat without any measure. Idyll can collapse. In any city, man-made accidents, you can.

Try to preserve your health. Nobody is ready for this. The state has strategic reserves, but not all of them. It will be a bit like a cold, a cold and a thirst. Survival in extreme conditions is not included in the programs of educational institutions. People just don’t know what to do.

Extreme survival

For the problems you need to prepare in advance. It is necessary to create a high-calorie foods with a long shelf life. Canned fruit and condensed milk. Shop rusks are often made from expired and spoiled raw materials. Prepare fresh bread crackers and pack them in a clean cloth. There is no need to fold into plastic bags; it can become toxic. Crackers can be replaced with biscuits, which take up less space.

For survival need to be created in advance. Water can be stored in a large jar. Bottles of lots of lots of lots of lots of lots of lots of lots of lots of lots of lots of lots of blades. Buy sharp nail scissors (nails grow for a while, even in the dead). Needles and skeletons of thread will not be superfluous either. The kit should be used for antibiotics, painkillers, heart pills, iodine, bandages, cotton wool, a plaster.

As part of the emergency reserve (NC), you can store gas masks and other respiratory protection equipment. You need a household dosimeter. Prepare several cell phone batteries. No one knows when you get access to electricity. It would be nice if your phone has a built-in flashlight. Prepare two pairs of socks and shorts in the field.

Hunting matches, will also be do. It is only peace. It will be right.

Emergency ration

For extreme conditions in extreme conditions:

  • water, food;
  • underwear;
  • personal care products;
  • means for repairing clothes and equipment;
  • first aid kit;
  • gas mask with filters, dosimeter;
  • communication facility (telephone / portable radio station);
  • torch;
  • batteries and / or batteries for all electronic devices in the NC;
  • fire ignition means;
  • ammunition (if there is a weapon).

Periodically must be replenished periodically. NZ can kill you.

All essential items need to be packed in a medium-sized bag. Do not forget to capture documents and outerwear.

Ready kits

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