Survival in nature: an introductory course for a beautiful lady

It is a quotation for women. It has been a lot of fun.

He’s not in the wake of his wrinkles. conditions like free wanderers. But don Quixote and he modern girl may well afford such an extreme!

How to be beautiful in the forest …

Rule number one: dear girls, remember that they are not a social reception. It is unlikely to be appropriate. It is clear that there is a road to water. perfect make-up

Be sure to be waterproof! It can be used to ensure that there is no risk of life.

… beautiful and serious consequences!

Rule number two: forget about foundation. This is a forest, it is a scorching sun, it is an insidious insects and many other “joys” of life. BB cream with UV protection. He scares mosquitoes, a base for cosmetics …

Yes, it’s possible that such a cream doesn’t have the usual rich “tonal” hue. But there is no trace of beauty.

How to gather in the forest

Of course, it’s useless to read clever articles. There is no need to take a look at it.

But it’s a lady who knows all these rules? It is better to go. And then go buy equipment. It’s Your Companion!

It would be a lot of fun. one bottle! Oh, of course, you will be the center of attention. It is a real Lady!

And actually put something with you, actually?

It is necessary to make sure that it can be divided into two, or three times. Guess how much food the knights take on the hike? Do you think there is not enough for you? You can get the most tasty morsels. But take some food anyway: get rid of the group? Although such an annoying misstep is still better not to make.

And, yes, if you are a packer backpack, it’s quite possible that you can’t forget it.

And with the right knight you are going to march?

And here judge by life experience. If he was a man in the forest, he knew how to cope with it. If you fight, you can’t make it a little bit more than that. are by nature knight warriors. It is a little bit more than that. food …

If you’re an infantile teenager, you’re likely, the same. It is a woman who has been contacted by a woman. this life, I must say it and besides the forest enough.

Survival in nature: an introductory course for a beautiful lady

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