Survival in poverty: the minimum required and cost savings

Survival poverty

Minimum Housing
Job job
Heat saving
Electricity savings
Extend the life of things
Self catering
Adjustment to inflation


Who has little
and the one who wants to have more.

Seneca. “Moral Letters
to Lutsiliyu. “(Ii)

You can be poor in different ways. If you are a customer, this is one thing. This is another. There are many ways to live, sleeping, walking, exercising, talking, dreaming, narcissism, writing, philosophizing, etc. Most natural pleasures are worth nothing or are very cheap. Where you can get rich. There are no benefits. To get sick, one should avoid overeating, eat coarse food, sometimes starve, often freeze.

It helps to maintain the level of personal qualities of survival, including observation, enterprise, ingenuity (“The need for fiction is cunning”). It helps to maintain a healthy lifestyle. It is not a prestigious situation. It can be understood that it is possible to understand the quantity of consumed goods. The ability to withstand the conditions. The same is (in value) the quantity of goods and can be selected with a greater or lesser efficiency. There are no limits on your incomes.

Minimum Housing

Living in a small-sized dwelling makes it possible. It is not a problem. It is not necessary to provide insulation. For a family, 3 rooms of 6 square meters are better. m., than one room in 24 square meters. m. When you sleep, you need to sleep, you need to sleep.
Advantages of a small dwelling:

  • any thing is at hand;
  • easy to maintain cleanliness.

One person is able to tolerately settle even on an area of ​​4 square meters. m. It is easily accessible. It is a full-wall rack. It is not always a good idea to use it.

Chairs, tables, chairs, tables, sit, eat, sleep on the rug. For example, it is a way of life. Lying on their left side. Sitting on the floor, where it’s not. If you are looking for a low-powered electric motor. Acts as a sleeping one.

Job job

If you pay a little bit, try to increase your income. Learn a little, look for a good job. It’s time for your personal affairs. It can be seen as a harmony to fall asleep.

If you work, you can’t be in the middle of a job. , etc. It’s possible to get the necessary resources. You should be concerned about the situation, rather than fulfilling official tasks. It is always appropriate.

In general, it will be necessary, even if it is good, moreover, if it is necessary. The most adequately judge of the world. It’s not a problem. It is often more profitable. It must be maintained in oneself. If there is a possibility to return. Favoring the life of people.


In the case of the situation, eyes of others. It’s necessary to use it for vacancies. You can apply directly to personnel departments of private intermediary firms and public organizations. You can’t take it.

It is a good feeling. It would be a good idea to follow your opinion. It is not a problem.

It is often possible to encounter fraudsters. A necessary sign of fraud is a prepaid service. It is not necessary to use the courtesy. Particularly high-risk hiring announcements. It is not a clear case for you.

If you’re a little bit harsh for a temporary low-skilled work, will decrease significantly. Maintain order in things, take care of your appearance. Keep in good position. It is not clear that there has been an external disciplining factor. If you want to spend your time on it


If you are buying in retail. If you need to save your money, you can achieve your goals. Otherwise, you should work with several people for joint bulk purchases. So you can firstly investigate the situation. It is not always the case, but the seller usually has a convincing explanation for their low price. If there is no defect, it is a small resource reserve.


Bread, cereals, milk, roots. Includes the following products:

  • 0.5 kg of bread or cereal;
  • 1 l milk or 200 g of cottage cheese;
  • 100 g vegetables, for example, potatoes, carrots, beets;
  • 20 g sugar;
  • 30 grams of vegetable oil;
  • vitamin preparations.

Changing cereals, vegetables, you can provide some variety. It is a diet, but it is a harmless, sufficient, tolerable for a long time. Blame yourself if you cannot provide something else. It is better not to eat or eat. If you want to be cooked. Unrefined products are brown sugar, unrefined sunflower oil, black bread. To create a cheap diet, use the following tables:


Product kg Protein content, g
Meat 150-220
A fish 120-170
Eggs 106
Cheese 290-320
Milk thirty
Bread 50-100
Beans peas 190-200
Soy 340-400


Product kg Carbohydrate content, g
Wheat bread 450-520
Rye bread 400-450
Pic 700-720
Sugar 950
Potatoes 200
Carrot 70-80
Cabbage 50-60
Bow 105
Watermelon 80-90
Grapes 160-170
Apples 120-140
Bananas 220
Oranges 60-150
Tomatoes 40

Vitamin C:

Product kg Vitamin C content, mg
Banana 100
Potatoes 100
Orange 400
Date fruit 3
Cabbage 400-500
Radish 160 – 440
Onion 100
Lemon 900

If animal protein is absorbed by almost 100%, then vegetable is approximately 80%. It contains a protein that contains protein and protein.

An adult needs a day: carbohydrates: 300..500 g; fat: 80 g (of which 40 g are vegetable); proteins: 80..100 g (of which 50% are animals); Vitamin C: 150 mg; kilocalories: 1500..4000.

Caloric content of 1 g of nutrients: carbohydrates: 4.1 kcal; fat: 9.3 kcal; proteins: 4.1 kcal.

It should not be noted. Full-fledged is, for example, sunflower oil, inferior – rapeseed. The margarine content of fatty acids is usually inferior to animal and vegetable oil. It is not necessary to use any other usefulness. It is possible to take advantage of the radioactive contaminants.

Saving food, do not deprive yourself of vitamins. The most important of them are:

  • Vitamin C. Contained in cabbage, apples, tomatoes, green onions. Daily need from 70 to 200 mg (according to loads on the body).
  • Vitamin A. Contained in butter, egg yolk, liver, carrots, pumpkin, tomatoes, nettles. Absorbed in the intestine only with fats.
  • Vitamin D. Contained in egg white, milk, butter. It is synthesized by the body under the influence of ultraviolet rays. Especially needed by young children. With its shortage, children suffer from rickets.
  • Vitamin E. Contained wheat germ and maize (you can eat soaked sprouted grains), in vegetable oils. Lack of this vitamin leads to infertility, in children – to impaired vision.
  • It is found in fish, liver, pumpkin, carrots, nettles. In intestinal bacteria are synthesized in quantity.
  • VITAMIN PP (B5, nicotinic acid). Contained in the liver, yeast, carrots, tomatoes. It is a lot of corn.

Pharmaceutical preparations, as much as a rule, much cheaper than vitamins from natural products. The intestinal bacterial flora synthesizes many vitamins. Therefore, it can cause vitamin deficiency. Sprouted grains of wheat, oats, rice, barley, etc., contain many different vitamins. Periodically moistened with water, it is possible. Sprouted grains can be treated for scurvy.

The most important trace elements:

  1. CALCIUM. Contained in milk, dairy products, leaves of vegetables. Poorly absorbed with phosphorus and fats. Calcium glyconate or calcium glycerol phosphate.
  2. PHOSPHORUS. Contained in eggs, fish, liver, beans, soy.
  3. Iodine. Contained in sea fish, sea kale.

You can get food in their natural environment. It’s not always considered. The following plants have edible roots, used in the form of flour:

  • dandelion;
  • nugget yellow;
  • Highlander;
  • white water lily;
  • highlander viviparous;
  • silverweed goose;
  • zopnik tuberiferous;
  • cattail broadleaf;
  • marsh marigold;
  • umbrella susak;
  • klubnekamysh sea.

The roots are cut, dried, ground. The dough is made from flour, cakes are made from dough. You can add the flour. You can ferment flour: Flour from the water. From the ground rhizomes of reed lake boiled good porridge.

Ways to preserve edible leaves: – dried; – ferment like cabbage (this is how young dandelion leaves are processed, for example); – Make a sour-salty puree (add vinegar and salt for this) and store in the cold.

Herbal tea is a source of vitamins and other beneficial substances. Tea is good for: – wild flowers, wild strawberries, raspberries, cuffs, meadowsweet, cumin, and yasnotka white; – leaves of nettle, plantain, currant, fireweed, medunitsy, coltsfoot, primrose; – fruits of lingonberry, mountain ash, black elderberry; – flowers, leaves, hips, hawthorn.

It is easier to move it. The body spends less energy on self-heating.

Heat saving

Cover the window slots with paper only if they are large. For windows for ventilation less often. To reduce heat dissipation through the window frames. At night, you should draw curtains on the windows. You can turn off the heating during the night. It is possible to provide a thermal comfort at bedtime. It is necessary to leave it.

Heat up the bed. In bed you can put a heating pad on it. It can be used as an electric heater. It can be heated, even a slight concussion can lead to its rupture.

Electricity savings

It’s possible to choose light colors. Do not hang on the walls. Can be closed with white paper. It is necessary to remove the lamps from them. It is better to use it. Fluorescent lamps are more economical than incandescent lamps and usually longer. Make up your daily routine. Use a TV with low electrical power. Usually, it’s necessary to use it.

Do not iron bed linens. In a shirt worn under a jacket, you can iron only visible places. It should be avoided. It doesn’t have to close to the wall. To load the electric cooker less, eat raw and undercooked products whenever possible. It is a good idea to keep your body clean. with vitamins

You can save a significant amount of energy by rationalizing cooking. Do you need to use it with the lids. It is necessary to reduce the amount of heat. To make rice, peas, etc. cook faster, it is recommended to soak them beforehand. You can completely turn off the hot stove. The boiler is more economical than the electric stove. It can be a boil for five minutes.

Extend the life of things

If you are still in the middle of a group of people, you can’t be able to use it. For example, it is not necessary to wait for your shoe. After these stickers are erased, they can be replaced by others. It is better to repair it.

For example, it’s possible to disagree. It is necessary to make it possible. If possible, please do not go away. In addition, your circumstances may deteriorate.

Self catering

It is usually bought for a while. It is useful to find out how to use it. It will not be a problem. Do not need complex material support. It is not only a permanent gain. If you are on the list below, you can:

  • sewing clothes;
  • machine knitting;
  • shoe repair;
  • building;
  • finishing facilities;
  • carpentry;
  • plumbing work;
  • repair of electrical and electronic devices.

Evening out after forty about minutes. The length of your fingers. The smoother will be the hairstyle.

Adjustment to inflation

With significant inflation, you should spend your money as soon as possible. Turning them into a “hard” currency is risky, since its course may be unprofitable. It is better for you to use. It’s not a problem. that you often buy, spending money. It should be noted that it is possible to carry out its stock.

If you want to pay your monthly income. Secondly, it is not only by inflation. The first method is the easiest. In the end, we are interested in the general situation. It could be a question.

It is not a problem to make a difference. If you don’t want to buy a cheap product, it’s not a significant use. It is necessary to take it into account for a long time. ).

Alexander Buryak, editors – LastDay.Club
from the book “The Art of Survival”

Advice and preparation for emergencies

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