Survival in the center of a street crowd, action when falling or crushing in a crowd.

For a person who finds himself in the center of a street crowd, there are two main tasks that he should focus on: to protect the chest from being squeezed during a crush and try not to fall. 

Survival in the center of a street crowd, action when falling or crushing in a crowd.

A fall is most likely in a still running, that is, a rather sparse crowd (in the monolithic there is nowhere to fall). In order not to become a bedding for thousands of legs, you must show maximum dodgy to maintain balance. To do this, prefer the mincing step to jumping. So there’s less chance of being hit by a side thrust or falling into an invisible pit.

you weren’t alone in the crowd, but, for example, with your friends or several sensible men were found nearby, you can try to show joint resistance to the general panic. Of course, a dozen well-organized, coordinated people will not stop the crowd, but, in principle, they can get out of it, let alone protect children and women with their bodies.

A wedge consisting of ten pairs of legs resting on one side and ten pairs of hands spreading the crowd, although slowly, can drift in the body of the crowd. Of course, not against the movement, this is possible, but along the way, gradually taking to the side. To do this, you need to clutch your hands with each other, putting your hands clenched in fists forward, and at the same time swing on a command in the chosen direction. At the same time, the strongest men should be located at the tip of the wedge. In the center are protected children and women. Sticking into the monolith of the crowd, the wedge rolls along the sides of the people who form it, from bow to stern and thus, like a caterpillar moving over legs, it moves.

Commands loudly chanted by such people can have a good sobering effect on others. If this island of resistance is not immediately crushed, then it will begin to grow into new “fighters” that have clung to it. And this is a real application for the suppression of panic. The pressure of the crowd in such wedges is restrained, in addition to the clutch of the hands, due to the emphasis of the external chain on each other’s shoulders and on the bodies of people standing inside. And one more advice, or rather, a request. If an alarmist appears in the crowd near you that balamutes people around you, find a way to besiege him.

An alarmist in a bewildered, not knowing what is happening on its outskirts, and therefore, a crowd predisposed to panic is more dangerous than a grenade with a drawn check. One of his hysterical cries can shift the situation towards disaster. In the most categorical form, order him to shut up, accuse him of malicious lies, say that you know the truth, know what to do, even if at a loss, like everyone else. Speak with the crowd in the keys to which it is predisposed, firmly, confidently, peremptorily.

If the alarmist does not calm down, use physical force until the application of traumatic blows. You save the crowd and yourself, including from panic and, therefore, from possible death. Here, all sorts of measures aimed at stabilizing the mood are permissible and even mandatory. Warlords, captains of shipwrecked alarmists simply shot without trial or investigation, and no one brought them to trial and did not reproach them. By sacrificing one life, they saved hundreds.

Remember. It is extremely difficult to extinguish a burning mental fire, but it is not difficult to prevent, having extinguished a single cigarette butt thrown into a dead wood. So take on the functions of a firefighter if there are no other hunters. The crowd poses a serious danger to both the people who make it up and those around it. A person in a crowd is characterized by: reduced self-control and self-criticism, asociality, aggressiveness and so on. The most dangerous are politicized crowds. Panic crowd equals natural disaster.

Based on materials from the School of Survival in Accidents and Natural Disasters.
Andrey Ilyichev.

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