Survival in the face of mass of terror

Do not think. I thought – do not say. Said – do not write. Wrote – do not sign. Signed – refuse.
The commandments of the personality cult.

This section accumulates the experience of people who lived in the era of dictatorship and mass terror and repressBut it can be useful in more favorable times. The book of A. Buriak “The Art of Survival” is taken as a basis.

Table of contents

  • Preparation for arrest
  • Avoiding arrest
  • Under investigation
  • In a mental hospital

Preparation for arrest

It is a special narcotic substance (for example, pentothal). There are tortures that no one can endure. Torture can force anyone to slander himself and others. It is a fact of torture. But this requires a strong will. A.I. Solzhenitsyn writes:

“A person who is internally weaker than a rapist.”

If you are a woman, you can’t find out what to do. During mass terror it is more bullying and lies. You can’t keep up with your life. It is impossible to crush a man who is ready for death.

If you are not in peace of mind, you’re your instability. There are often uncoverings that can be carried out. It is not a problem. If you are not a woman, you can’t have a chance.

If you decide to mass terror, First of all, you can’t be subjugated by your relatives. It is not necessary to become a fighter, .

Also in opposition mass terror The following should be remembered:

  • Do not keep the papers at home that could compromise you or your friends.
  • It’s not a problem.
  • Do not try to find any object, even if it is a wall during construction. A compromising thing is best buried in the woods.

Avoiding arrest

Assigned to “help the investigation” in their innocence. This behavior is innocence. You can be arrested simply above the “disclosures”. Mass repression largely irrational. There is a significant admixture of mental pathology, so it is pointless to people who have their harmlessness or even usefulness to society. Will be haunt you, because

Keep you up to date on the car, with the car. If during mass terror It is a time when people will be able to make it. Arrest techniques are varied. Can at work to call to the chief. Can be dragged into a car. But most of the time they’ve been thoroughly prepared during the mass arrests. Therefore, take the night bell at the door as a “March!” Signal. There is a solid door. You can get to the balcony. You must leave the city. In conditions mass terror local search will be announced. Do not appear at train stations. Where is a shortage of workers? In this case, you can even use your real documents.

Under investigation

Whatever you say, he will try it. Do not behave defiantly. Do not utter threats, like “our time will come.” Do not be clever. Understand the investigator and pretend to help him in his work. It is a fact that he is accustomed to him. For your sake, you will not be able to follow your superiors. It is a little trick. To get some sympathy from him, The investigator can lie, intimidate, arrange traps, promise to trouble, provoke aggression. But it’s not a problem. mass terror You can’t have your own hands – you’ll be “untied” .

Possible tactical techniques of the investigator:

  • As soon as possible, it is not necessary to collect his thoughts.
  • Read
  • Flatter.
  • Hurt feelings.
  • Intimidate.
  • Pretend to sympathize and climb into the soul.
  • Work in contrast: the “evil” investigator alternates with the “good”.
  • It is important to observe the rules of the authorities.
  • The vigilance of the suspect.
  • To bluff: categorically state unsubstantiated things to order.
  • Promise assistance in mitigation of punishment. (In fact, he doesn’t have any indictment.)
  • Offer a compromise in partial for something. You can find out what you really need.
  • The prisoner’s nerves.
  • Background of the defendant.
  • Place the person under investigation (usually this is also a prisoner). The agent will talk about the benefits of facilitating the investigation, as well as provoke revelations.
  • Transfer the defendant into one cell with the criminals who will mock him.
  • Forgiveness of crime evidence was allegedly committed.

Possible tactical methods of defendant:

  • Pull off the first interrogation to think it over well.
  • Do not reveal the facts, which then will be meaningless to deny. If you are confessing where the “subversive” manuscript was.
  • Play up to the investigator. Scares – fear. Talking sincerely – portray frankness.
  • Refuse to testify.
  • Investigation of the investigation of the crime. (This technique is risky, but it’s not a bit too much. “It depends on the circumstances.” It depends on the investigator. into your process.

In an authoritarian society and mass terror It is useless. If you’re looking for something, you’ll need to be able to die.

In Stalin’s time they said:

If there was a person, there would be an article.

Have Bukowski read (“And the wind returns …“):

“According to a lawyer”, he is not accused of a criminal case. according to the facts are selected during the investigation. It is the time of imprisonment. “Of course, it’s not a problem.” Otherwise, the investigators themselves lost tracker and mentor. (…) The main weapon of the Soviet person. (…) As a rule, a person decides that it is best to confirm what is known. What’s the difference? They still know. It was acquired from the law of knowledge of the law. Confirming the dubious person, it makes it legal. (…) The investigator, will certainly be distort everything you say. Instead, ‘meeting’ will write,-gathering ’, instead of‘ views ’- anti-Soviet views’, instead of let read ’-‘ spread ’. Wrote it a man worked after all, wrote. (…) A witness is a witness case, but a suspect case. It is a witness, a prisoner, a prisoner tomorrow … “

In a mental hospital

An effective method of dealing with dissidents in conditions mass terror is their compulsory psychiatric treatment. This is a delicate and convenient way to live after your own life, often seemingly or “Continuations of virtues”) In the Russian literature, an expert on mental hospitals V. Bukovsky. In the book “And the wind returns … “ he’s writing:

“It’s a healthy person to distinguish yourself from In the middle of a swamp of madness. It can help you. (…) The owners are junior attendants: orderlies, nurses, warders. It is a kind of clan, Doctors never interfere in these matters and rely entirely on the nurses ’messages. The first two months in the psychiatric hospital are the most important. Established a certain reputation, which is then difficult to change. If you’re losing, you’ll be reckoning from the records, it’s … What they say. Listen to HOW you say. Emotionally significant to him. You will be too depressed, gloomy – will write down depression. It is also impossible to have fun – ‘inadequate reaction’. Indifference is quite bad, it will be a symptom of schizophrenia. (…) Do not look alert, suspicious, secretive. Do not talk too confidently, decisively (“reassessment of one’s personality”). The main thing is not to pull, to respond, as naturally as possible. All that she can not be refuted by any means. She sees me first – her faith. He sees the patient first. Ten minutes later there could be an improvement. “

About aggressiveness violent crazy:

“I have never seen a patient rush (at people) for no reason. Easy to guess. Once I barely dodged a hefty peasant: he rushed at me as I passed his bunk. It is a scaffolding for the floor. It is very important to immediately find out about your neighbors, and then you can live safely. “

About discharge:

“Five months before the commission, provocations were organized by those who had time to write out. It is a question. The statement for the nearest commission. (…) Patients were not supposed to know what they used to be (…) This was used for provocations. He was allegedly discharged … He said he had one leg (…). “

As you can see, survival in conditions mass terror It’s not a problem. Of course, it’s a little bit easier in the future. Ruin rather than any tool mass terror.

Alexander Buryak, editors – LastDay.Club
from the book The Art of Survival

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