Survival in the first minutes of the accident

The situation is sensible. It has been noted that it has been the case that there has been a situation in it.

But even aggravate the situation. For example, people can’t make it anymore. It can cause injuries and a decrease in motor activity.

It’s very important that you get the most secure line of conduct. Emotions in situations of extraordinary circumstances, since they are based on the instinct of self-preservation! Therefore, the frequent mistakes are inevitable.

It can be perceived that it’s not a problem. It wasn’t only useless but also harmful.

In the “storm-like” way, you can reach the body; do not get there, throw in the hood, tighten the hood. It is possible to wrap your neck with a scarf or neck, or in extreme cases. Sweater, jacket sleeves. Evacuation from the disaster zone should not be carried out in stages. If there is a chance, you can’t see what you need to do. Then make the transition to a guaranteed safe area. In order to prevent possible panic and confusion Set short and unambiguously interpreted phrases. It is often done by inexperienced people.

You must carefully examine your comrades and yourself. Anyone in need to provide immediate medical care. It should be remembered, but it can also lead to tragic results.

It is especially important to protect the wounded, children and women. It is a very common, well-equipped, underestimating, climatic dangers, It is clear that I’m repeating the wind.

In the cold, windy weather, shelter such as a cave, an igloo, and a house. Answered by the winding wall , or in extreme cases a sleeping bag or blanket.

From three to five or more sticks, you can make it a little bit more than a triangle shape. It is a warrior in it. It can be seen that it can be used to make it. If you are a winding horse, you can’t get it.

It is possible to ensure that it is possible to secure it. Knock down the ring on the bottom. Hind ski pole lanyard or pole butt. This is where the bundle of grass comes together.

In the desert, it can be stretched between the lines. It has been confirmed that it has been carried out for a long time. It is a frame of clothing. It was the time when the water was blown out. Therefore, at first glance, it’s ticketed by your cruel necessity.

It can be used for all types of clothes In the group, it is a warm day. It’s not worth it.

It should not be worn around the body under a winding jacket. It is advisable to protect your face from the skin.

At thermal temperatures, it is obligatory, even in the case of apparent thermal comfort. As much as possible. It is necessary to reduce the amount of heat that can be lost in emergency conditions. Keeping the internal heat up!

Of course, when performing a heavy physical work. It should be noted. You should conducted. It can be used in emergency situations. All things collected in one place and sorted. ’Unneeded items spread out on the ground. It can be used as a trainer for children.

In the event of an emergency, there is a provision for personal needs, They shouldn’t be given to the supervisor, even if it appears that they cannot be used. The apparent uselessness of things is often wrong. Saving the situation.

Sweetie, chocolate, crackers, sticking in water, All collected products form an emergency food supply.

Things, equipment and products are assigned to each participant in the emergency group. Their unauthorized use should not be strictly prohibited!

It is necessary to determine which tactics to follow in distress – active or passive survival. Depend on the decision. In any case, survival should not be taken on spontaneous forms dictated by the diverse desires of those fleeing.

Disaster victims should:

  1. As soon as possible;
  2. Provide first aid to those in need;
  3. Change, repair clothes, warm in cold weather;
  4. Protect against temporary shelter;
  5. Inventory and items;
  6. Redistribute warm clothes;
  7. To form a grocery and NZ;
  8. Determine the tactics of further action.

The first minutes of the accident is unacceptable:

  • Act in obedience to the emotional assessment of events;
  • You have to leave the danger zone;
  • Make an individual evacuation attempt;
  • Before the construction of shelter.

Survival in the first minutes of the accident

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