Survival in the urban jungle – the secrets and techniques of the homeless

We, the dreamers, the dreamed, gasping in the cities, R. Kipling


  • clothing
  • Nutrition
  • Water use
  • Cleansing
  • Relaxation
  • Departure of natural needs
  • Asylum
  • Sleep in the cold
  • Caches
  • Things of primary use

You can become an outcast, a collision with a disaster, a natural disaster, or a disaster. Do not be despair: there are survival masters wandering through the urban jungle for years. It is a number of people who have fallen dogs. Like animals, these people divide exploited territory between themselves and fight, defending borders. Their greatest concentration is near railway stations and markets.

Help (material from Wikipedia):

Bum or Bum (abbr. from Bwithout aboutlimited mesta wellitelstva) – “BOMZH” (“b / o m.”, “BOMZHI”, “BOMZHiR”)
This abbreviation denotes faces. Bwithout ABOUTlimited Mesta Farticles (and HAnaty /RRegistration), that is, the homeless. For example, it has been common and it has been common often used in a derogatory sense, leading to an asocial lifestyle. Previously, the word “scourge” was used in approximately the same sense.


Since you often wear clothes, knitted, denim, bologna. Do not use light-colored clothing, since there is more visible dirt on it. Preferred colors: black, gray, brown, green protective shades.

In order to keep a clean look, wear shoes, clean shoes, etc. You should always have a small brush and shoe polish with you.

It doesn’t protect against the cold. The cape is too heavy and attracts attention. In the case of raincoat. Made of “Bologna” type fabric. It can be worn on the outside. It weighs little and folds compactly.

You should have several pairs of spare socks, pants, and handkerchiefs. It is better to wear knitted tracksuit. If you’re looking for something like that, you can get it.

(For example, sneakers) if you are worn.

You can wear it in a cloth bag. Since it has less noticeable wet spots.


It is better to avoid sweet foods. It is not necessary to cut the carbohydrates: it doesn’t need to be cut, you can eat it on the go. Conveniently cut into pieces. Scratch the mucous membrane in your mouth.

Ankle-length flask is preferred for storing water.

There are enough glasses for the collection point. It is quite possible to work for one day.

It is not a case of constipation. It is a rule of thumb.

It will not be a problem. If you can choose, then you must choose the second. It means that the body of toxins.

It is impossible to get an ulcer. Drink plenty of warm water. But you can often search for a toilet or a nook.

It is necessary to keep it in the mouth. In general, it shouldn’t be much held in the mouth. It is still healthy to drink (for example, porridge), since it has been digested, it has been found to be digesting.

Water use

If you eat non-dehydrated foods, then for a day it is enough for a day. From it, 0.2 liters can be spent on brushing your face.

Water can be disinfected by adding potassium permanganate (to taste), or iodine (2 drops of a 5% solution per liter), or dry wine (1/2 volume of water). The latter method is applicable only if the wine is not fake.

In the case of water with iodine, add a little salt to it. After adding salt, settling is sufficient for 20 minutes.

For health, it is recommended to drink plenty of water. You should not drink a lot in three cases:

  • if it is difficult to find a latrine;
  • if the water is bad or in short supply;
  • if diarrhea is expected.

There is a shortage of water. If water is scarce, sweat should not be carefully avoided.


0.1 liter of water is enough to wash away. To 8 liters of water. If you can not wash

The skin has a significant self-cleaning ability. Moreover, there is no protective grease. Some peoples (for example, the Mongols) did not wash at all during the period of their existence.

It is not a process of self-purification. For many people, it can be quite acceptable. It is a part of skin care. Self-cleaning clothes is very small. Partial replacement of washing – by shaking and roasting (in the sun, by the fire).

Human skin is constantly updated. It’s not always possible to make it out. , then with the nails. It’s under the conditions of water scarcity, developed by the custom of circumcision. If you are not trimmed, wipe the skin drawn on it.

Wipe your face with lotion.

You can shave your skin at a glance, instead of a shaving cream. If there is no cream, then it is necessary.

If the skin is oily, acne is a threat. Touch your face with dirty hands less. You must also wear a mirror, a bottle of cotton and a collar.

Sweetener. It means that you can wear it on the door handles, handrails in transport, money, etc.).

Wipe them thoroughly with a paper napkin.

You can wash it out.

Make sure your feet do not sweat. Sweating feet fungi on the feet. To suppress fungi, grease the feet with zinc ointment.

Concerning handkerchief, then it can be universal. Keep it neatly folded. Wipe your hands. To clean the nose. Internal surfaces – for wiping lips, rubbing face with lotion.


Until you get used to it. And overwork will make you vulnerable to disease. To avoid this, use it. In transport, and one-legged.

If you are a woman, you can get familiar with it.

From long walking can get sick feet. Massage them before bedtime. In anticipation of a great hike in the urban jungle, if possible, train your legs for long walks.

Departure of natural needs

“Besides your weapon you must have a spatula; bury it your stool. ”Old Testament, the book of” Deuteronomy “(23.13)

It is not always possible to use the outdoor toilet. Free toilets are available at institutes, polyclinics, open institutions such as the newspaper editorial offices. There you can wash it.

We must try to maintain regularity in the bowels. It can be carried out without any problems. It’s not always a matter of how much you need it. In addition, it should be noted that it is necessary to focus on the patient’s attention.

A sign of approaching diarrhea can be thirst (caused by non-absorption of water in the rectum).

Sending your natural needs, try not to spoil the environment. Traces of their activities should not be hidden as far as possible (sprinkled with earth, etc.). If you’re trying to get rid of it, you’ll be able to get there. And this is especially recommended if things happen near the temporary shelter.

If you want to use it, you can use it.


It is easy to find out. She can have a boyfriends sex It should be morally and financially ready for it.

If you have an outstanding, ordinary, simple, modest suit and little money, reduce your requests. Your destiny is an ugly woman older than 35 or some kind of alcoholic or drug addict. It is a question. If you are looking after your eyes. It would be interesting. It is a scam to you.

Look for a woman in the area near a beer kiosk or piece of department. Need a pack of cigarettes and a bottle of liquor.

If you’re lonely with an apartment

  • Platform in the entrance before entering into some old houses. It doesn’t have to be seen.
  • Playground in front of the door, leading to the elevator motor However, it is usually the case that the door is closed.
  • Restored old house.
  • Unfinished house.
  • Discreet place in the park under the bushes.
  • Underground box If you’re trying to get it, you’ll be able to get it.
  • Coach. At these railway stations there are places where wagons are settled. It is a triangular tube worn on the triangular lock pin. If you need to make the transition to waning life, make yourself such a key.

It is a very pleasant hostile to strangers. In haunted areas, house dwellers usually set locks on their doors.

It is possible to make it possible to make it out. Moving along the heating main, you will find the hatch. On the heating lines come to lively boxes. The danger is mostly rats. They may attack the sleeper.

There are hardly any rats.

Look for a place to sleep in advance. In the cold season, it is a battery or heating pipe. Time away from bedtime, while away from the park bench.

It can be used for a short time (several hours) or less ventilated. Otherwise, a lot of water will condense under it. If you are, for example, it will be wet.

It is a foam pad on a rug. (Around the body, you can use it). Knitted suits are very comfortable. For tight styling, spare clothing should be tightly folded and tied up with every bundle of lace.

The body during sleep.

If you sleep on your side:

  • under the head
  • under the shoulder
  • under the ribs
  • under the pelvis.

If you sleep on your back:

  • under the head
  • under the spine
  • under the pelvis
  • under the shoulder blades.

By rubber about about about 40 soft soft bed bed bed bed So that the bedding doesn’t get

Warm up for a night in the middle of the night.

If you drink, drink, drink, drink, drink, drink, drink, drink It is a feeling of fullness.

It is a vagrants. They may attack the sleeper or rob him. It is necessary to give it a hand at that time, thirdly, to prepare any signal

You can get out in the countryside.

Sleep in the cold

At 25 degrees of heat and no blanket. It is necessary to reduce the temperature in any case.

Take less heat – less heat loss. If there is no sleeping bag, wrap up at least in a piece of plastic film. Pose for sleep should not be taken. It is very important to wrap your head. It is also necessary to warm the legs. If your feet are warm, then your whole body. Replacing for comfort.

Three thin shirts The clothes under newspapers are not enough. In a large plastic bag, it is a t-shirt (but not on a body).

If you’re getting cold, then you’ll get it cold, then you’ll get it cold.


If you want to carry your surplus. As such, there may be an automatic storage cell at the station. In addition, you can become a partner.

You can hide things under bushes in the park. It can be detected by children, strollers or dogs. For discourse outsiders, defecate this way.

Things of primary use

“I carry everything with me.” Socrates

It’s not always a problem to keep yourself in the bag.

First available must be the following items:

  • knife, flask;
  • compass, map, money;
  • plastic bags;
  • iodine, cologne, bandage, pocket mirror, cotton wool, handkerchief;
  • soap, brush and toothpaste, toilet paper;
  • matches or a lighter, a lantern;
  • notebook and ballpoint pen.

Plastic bags must be divided into 4 groups stored separately:

  • new (never used);
  • from under bread and similar products;
  • clean, but not enough to put them in;
  • in need of washing.

Alexander Buryak, editors – LastDay.Club
from the book The Art of Survival

The art of survival. Chapter 3.8: Survival in the urban jungle

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