Survival in the Wild: Top 10 Important Skills

Every year they die. It’s a lot of fun to think about it. However, it’s possible to predator on four legs. It is a natural place to relax. And then quietly rest survival in the wild.

It will come in handy, and it will save life:

1. If you’re planning on hike in nature

You’ll be hoping to find it somewhere along the way. But even if you’ve found water, you’ll be almost 100% dirty and infected with bacteria and parasites. It is necessary to boil such water before drinking. Therefore, learn to advance the skills of water.

2. Always carry matches in a waterproof container.

Clean water and heat. Under certain conditions, it will kill you overnight. You can make a fire Do you want to be able to do it?

3. It is important to protect against wildlife.

Yes, fire scares wild animals, but not always. Again, you need to know where to go. For example, it’s a good idea. Actually, bring along a good knife. In the camp, prepare for a pair of stones, as well as stones. Can help in repelling the attack of wild animals. Well, in extreme cases, it can be spear from a knife and a stick – fish or small animals.

4. Proper clothing and care.

It is a threat to life. In addition, it is important to repair clothes, especially shoes. If you get wet If you wear clothes, believe me.

5. Element … in the cold – hypothermia

It is important to avoid any dangerous vibrations. It is important to make shelter, hut, shed, or find natural shelters such as caves.

6. If you got hurt while in the wild, you can’t just call an ambulance.

Basic skills in first aid. Will help you to avoid deadly infection. It will help you. It can help a lot.

7. Know what it is edible, huge help in the wild

At least you won’t die of hunger. Nuts, berries, roots, plants, mushrooms, and more. But study all this in advance.

8. Before you go hiking, especially alone.

Tell you about the area. One head is good, but two is better.

9. Having a good idea.

However, it’s possible to use it. Although it is not always the case, it’s better to keep it.

10. Must be able to give a distress signal

Makes it a sound. It is possible to get out of the way.

But in the wild, it was never a go.

Survival in the Wild: Top 10 Important Skills

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