Survival in War: Sound Disguise Scout

The moment of great importance sound masking. The sound, especially at night, is heard far away. You can’t scoop it up by sounding, whispering, coughing and rusting. The enemy will hear the conversation from a distance of 90-100 meters. From a distance of 75 meters, he can find out and find out military secrets. Even a whisper from a distance of 60 meters from the enemy is dangerous. Cough is heard for 40 meters; steps – 30 meters, and crawling – 16 meters. Therefore, it is best to crawl on half-a-sided or “prone” 20 meters from the enemy. The distance will be heard from a distance of 70 meters.

Ways of masking sounds when driving

If you are moving in the forest? Stumps are often rotten and fall noisily at the slightest touch to them. It is a process of movement. It can be a lot of funeral activity. offensive.

It has been noted that it has been noted that it has been taken for the next step. The body of the body will not be rushed.

It is recommended to use the following training method. There are a few bark (or a branch of a dry bush), a bit of bricks from a tree, a bit of wood, and It is the man who touches the line The bottom of the foot of the foot.

There is no need for a trainer. This will help you. silent walking.

At silent motion on sticky soil (sticky dirt) It is a little wider than normal foot.

To secretly and silently move through the swamp. Step over carefully. Crawl on the side of the moss. The body’s movement over the entire foot. When moving on stones, rubble, ruins of buildings, foot should be put on top; It is a time to take the next step.

If you want to go through the grass the toe.

It was followed by the following: When crossing a small river ford (gulf, shallow lake, puddle), Do you like walking on skis. It is not necessary to go to an open sandbank, but to the coastal bushes or a steep bank (cliff). In the presence of sandy or stony ground on the coast, move in the manner indicated above.

The scout for noiselessness the foot of the foot.

Combat sound masking application

There are many examples of silently overcoming water obstacles. It was given that she was in the middle of a fight with a tall building.

This is a scapegoat to go into two regions. Initiative and resourcefulness. Since the scouts refused to use leather shoes. They sewed special slippers from a rare canvas. There is no need for any noise. Complete the set of “language”.

For sound masking The movement of the vehicles. It is important that when the wind was blowing. It is a wrecking movement of our intelligence officers. But how to determine where the sound came from? It can be determined by the direction of the wind. In calm weather, it is blowing. Experienced scouts, which usually refers to the direction of the wind.

Special attention to the sounds and sound masking should be paid when acting at night. In this regard, it would be appropriate to give the following instructive example.

It has been shown that it has been possible to leave it. One pocket had a box of matches in his pocket. Strumming matches in a box.

“By this, you would betray us all,” he remarked to the scout. – I’m not against matches. Matches are needed in intelligence. But then do it …

The foreman took it a matchbox. He shook – there was no sound. Another scout had a cigarette case and a penknife in one pocket. Left and the cigarette case deposited. Having finished checking his belongings in the scouts’ pockets. Someone sounded creaky boots. It turned out that Scout Doroshenko had new boots creaked.

– Uh, brother, no good. The wedding walk well. Now for the time of intelligence.

So a seasoned intelligence commander to prepare for reconnaissance. Sacramentamusicum This made their steps almost silent. In addition, they had to take special care when handling weapons and grenades.

It was a time when he was making a noise. Scout grenades should not be worn only in a grenade bag, not on a belt.

Screaming shouldn’t always take some bread with him. It will be enough to stop the crackers, and the cough will stop. In the past war, the enemy very often used sound alarm – If you’re screaming, you can’t make noise. It was enough to touch the noise opened fire. Scout, moving on the ground, these surprises.

Scout sound masking

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