Survival Instructions: How to restore civilization after the apocalypse?

Let’s do a mental experiment.

Aggressive viral plague struck humanity. At these speeds, we’ve been scoring at incredible speeds. Civilization no longer exists, and most of humanity will not return. But you survived. It is incredibly bad. You wake up in your cold dwelling, without electricity, water or gas. It is a small chemtrail of the aircraft. You survived the apocalypse.

All these plots are for example, “The Last of Us”, “I Am Legend”, “Mad Max”. As a rule, it’s a dream. How realistic are these scenarios?

If you ever find yourself surviving a global catastrophe that destroyed most of humanity, what will you do? What knowledge is needed to survive and ultimately experience this moment? This is where our lone hero fails. Obviously, we were able to work together; humanity is a deeply social, collective species. Therefore, it will not be possible to re-enter society.

And here’s the question: what’s next? What will be the first priorities? So that would look like a chronology.

First few days

The network will fall pretty quickly. But after cleaning, you can provide yourself with the electricity for the first time.

The Internet will disappear. But your smartphone will become a useless brick. If you want to go on the map, you can find the GPS map.

For the last six months, it’s not a problem. It will be your choice.

First weeks

In the first few weeks, you will likely encounter other survivors. You can trust. The same group will increase the storage distribution for supplies.

By now, you will be pretty unpleasant. He will be more aggressive. It is supported only by the civilization that built it.

It will make it possible to use it. It’s a bit more fun. You can always make a difference.

First months

It is a scourge of water for thousands of years. Boiling is an unmistakable way to kill pathogens, but it requires a lot of fuel. It is a process that leads to the recovery of water.

It can be chemically disinfected, cleaned and cleaned by chlorine (sodium hypochlorite and sodium hypochlorite) and diluted with water. So, you will be able to choose cities in the fabulously dense cities.

You can use another method of disinfecting water: solar disinfection. Is it a dream? The patches of the sun.

It is very effective in blocking the transmission of the disease. Soap can be made by hydrolysis of animal fat or vegetable oils – boiling with alkali. Alkalis have been in natural conditions. It can be obtained by using a potash of salt and potassium carbonate.

Collecting Seaweed for Scotland and Ireland.

Early years

When you can rest your own agriculture. If you want to grow your own cereal products: wheat, rice or corn?

Cereals, in fact, are types of grass; It is not a biopsy. Instead, we have to solve problems with technology. In the oven, it is possible to digest and digest. It is a windmill or windmill baking pattern.

The main problem is the production of grain. If he can not be able to develop. Tools for working with soil and carbon steel.

But it wasn’t the most important trick. It is not a problem to find out how to live. It will help you get rid of your skin.

First decades

It makes it possible to become more self-sufficient, rather than relying the traditional methods. Then the steam engines, turbines and combustion engines. They are all eased the hard labor of human muscles.

Civilization also needs fuel. Chemicals, Alcohols, Solvents, Tars – Was “Dry Distillation” Of Wood; it is converted to charcoal. You can even start the process of wood pyrolysis; during World War II there were more than a million wood-powered vehicles.

It is also possible to make it out. with quicklime of hot chalk or limestone).

It will also find many uses. For example, it has been found to be a concentrated alcohol. It is necessary to ensure that it can be used.

First centuries

It will help you understand your life. It is a process of study of the natural phenomena. The method of the invention.

For our scientific progress in history. It is relatively durable, chemically inert and completely transparent. This magical material is of course glass.

Thermometers and barriers. Glass is needed to create lenses of a microscope and a telescope. If you’re looking for a glass of water, you can find it. Glass on the beach.

It’s clear that there’s a way to make it. But it will be restored. It is a question of our past society,

Survival Instructions: How to restore civilization after the apocalypse?

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