Survival Kit Review

It is extremely dangerous occupation. Therefore, there wasn’t even their own “disturbing suitcase,” where the essentials of all things lie. It has a lot of problems.

But it is not a matter of course. And today one such kit – “Survivor“- fell into the clutches of our editorial company.

So. Durable red backpack medium roominess, waterproof, very durable, made soundly. Expansion kit is available. But there is no need for a minimum of equipment. Go ahead.

Bourgeois products. On the one hand – a guarantee of quality and reliability. It’s all done in China. It is necessary to use a respirator. Next we will analyze specifically on things.

Universal flashlight with built-in radio

Or vice versa. He is far from professional radio systems, but he is catching local news. The case is durable, weighs a little. What is the use of manual recharging?

Water tank

Plastic, folding, durable. With valve. It is a very useful thing.

Water purification tablets

10 pieces. The simplest. but very effective. Definitely a plus.

Chemical light source

Small signal flares. And highlight, and inform yourself. 2 pieces.

Cooking stove for cooking

Small branches, much worse. Durable, relatively light. It also saves time on the organizing a fireplace.


Liter, stainless steel. The handle is bent aside, the cover is fixed with a clip. It is possible not only for cooking, but also for storing ready-made food. Definitely a plus.

Heat blanket

Well this is metallized. It is the best to use it.

Waterproof cape poncho

In fact, an analogue of raincoat, only slightly stronger.

Reinforced adhesive tape

Here! It was she! It is necessary to fix and repair almost anything. The only pity is that only one hank.

Moistureproof matches for candles

Expendable material that just neatly laid.

Multifunction knife

The most primitive. “Swiss”. Opener, scissors, file, sharpener, can opener. Have any more effective counterparts or multitools.

A spoon and a fork

Essential tools for survival, yes. From stainless steel.

Work gloves

With non-slip surface. Stuck useful to calluses do not earn during work. Yes, and they protect you.


The rope has never been extra.

First aid kit

In which there are a lot of patches, antiseptic, disinfecting wipes, respirators, medical gloves, bandages are simple and elastic. No drugs – only auxiliary materials.

Artificial respiration apparatus

The most primitive with visual instructions on the surface. Plastic bag with a flap that facilitates mouth-to-mouth ventilation.


Actually, the packaging kit itself. A simple plain backpack. In addition – bright red. You can come up with a backpack for yourself.

Total Kit “SurvivorThis is a great bang for the first time. Of course, there is no need. If you’re trying to find out what you’re trying to do.

How to buy an emergency kit “Survivor”?

You can purchase set “Survivor” we have. Kit cost – 3199 rub.

The cost of delivery by courier in Moscow – 300 rub.
It depends on the method of delivery. Everything is solved and discussed write to us.

Ready kits

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