Survival knife multitool DPx HEST II

Title the knifeHEST – stands for Hostile Environment Survival Tool – Survival Tool in a hostile environment. This is very good knife is positioned.

Survival knife DPx HEST II designed by a man named Robert Young Pelton, He had also been a writer, a journalist and a documentary filmmaker who had been a traveler, had also been interviewed with the military, a politician and a politician.

From this we can conclude that he was a “fucked-up roll”

And his survival knife with a fixed blade just deserves attention. Fortunately, there are already very positive reviews.

Well, we will be brief.

Survival Knife DPx HEST II

Knife Available in three variations:

  • Original – with a paracord microfiber plates and a plastic “tactical” scabbard;
  • Safari – Italian leather;
  • Assault – with a plastic “clinging” handle and sheath of cordura and kaydeksa.

This survival knife made of stainless steel AISI 304, Therefore, the knife length of 194 mm, provides for “solidity”. The weight of the knife is 125 grams.

In addition, there are options for high-carbon steel knives. marks 1095 (as on KaBar and ColdSteel), with a powder-coated blade, various types of coloring – black, olive, desert, pure steel.

Handle covers you can place a small survival kit, or the same NAZ – fishing hooks, fishing line, matches, tinder, flint, mini-compass, etc.)

But another interesting feature of this survival knife in that it’s kind of like multitool. Besides the edge you can find:

  • bit holder,
  • universal brakes,
  • unique wire stripper,
  • opener

At all, survival knife DPx HEST II It will be useful in many situations. It is a kind of emergency, or simply everyday routine.


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