Survival knife.

Survival – this is a state of mind. If a person doesn’t survives. When preparing for various disasters, it’s necessary to clearly understand. The movie Rambo knife in survival.


Body heat and prevent heat loss. In a wet season, it is critically necessary. Also, clothing protects the skin from minor injuries, scratches and cuts. If you’re not on hand, you’ll

In film, John rambo after escaping Not without a knife. Therefore, follow the edge of the edge, who knows what will have to cut.


Another of the essentials in survival. It protects you from the environment and weather. It shelters you from predators, not only from wild animals, but also from people. As a shelter, you can act as a house, dugout, hut, for all purposes. Improvised hut.

Course for full survival There are no rules for the use of various tools. You are well aware of the required set of skills, resources and survival tools with the epidemics, will be very different. But despite this, you should always be able to build a shelter. A reliable assistant. With it, you can get food, you can get food.

Water / Food / Fire

Water is the first thing you need to find. So you need to worry about this valuable resource. This is not the case for the disinfection.

The second thing you need to find is food. Hunting, fishing, traps, a lot of options. The knife will be indispensable in the manufacture of tools for all this. Also can be spear, as Rambo.

It is a spear tip. Nevertheless, it is better to stick with a stick, pierce an animal or a fish – that is enough.

Making a fire – here you will need it, so it’s recommended. You can light a fire. Carve a spark with a knife and stone. There will be a separate article on this topic.

It can be used in all cases. Therefore, it is possible to pick up a knife from the steel.

It will also be recommended. It would be interesting to note that survival.

Knife &# 8212; essential tool in survival

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