Survival lessons from the civil war

More than a bit more often, there’s been a conflict, It’s not a problem.

It was a real problem. order to stay alive So …

Survival lesson # 1: Fortified shelter is not an option

Extremely popular survival strategy, by the way – turn your house, cottage, barn, basement from there to defend. That’s what it doesn’t work. Just because it is easier to reinforce it.

Survival Lesson # 2: The Most Important Thing

Water, food and medicine.. Moreover, from “the supplies were briefly discontinued,” to “e * as you wish.” There is a justified strategy. It will come to you. So if stocks and do – then the most secret. It will be so banal.

Survival Lesson # 3: Do not interfere!

Survival tactic is simple – “Do not attract attentionIt’s not a problem. You can’t make it a little bit more than that. ”Yes, even a backpack, it’s the most chances for survival. reminiscent of something military, can cause problems.

Survival lesson # 4: Extreme caution at roadblocks

In the event of civil war, martial law, unrest and in the occupied city checkpoints will be enough. At the entrance. The following are: a) private cars are checked strictly; b) the men are checked strictly; c) the bearded physique – they are checked even more strictly. If it’s a map, a god forbid, it’s a hidden trunk, then it’s a pi ec ec.

Things are much simpler with valuable things. – they can simply be confiscated without any special explanation. But they will not shoot because of them. There is a need to push something through the checkpoint. And no, we will not give recommendations. He said that he was in the first place.

Survival Lesson # 5: Guns Can Harm

Any unarmed armed man is enemy. The logic is simple, primitive and deadly. It is much more convenient to collide. But, again, under occupation, weapons will be more than good. Especially from the train

It is a blessing. When it comes to the use of weapons occupants, it will interfere. One thing is to peacefully part with stocks and money. Then you can still live. Another is to start shooting. It’s simply that it’s a funk. For example, it’s not a surviving tactic.

Survival Lesson # 6: Without Securities – Nowhere

There are two types of securities: documents and money..

Documents always needed, especially a passport. It is much easier to go through the roadblocks. Mom! ”Spell. If you have to run, evacuate, drape – then without a passport it is impossible. If it becomes all very bad.

Money – there are only two options. Part of the money in the form of cash, part – on a foreign account. Hey, it’s not a bad idea. It must be in some stable currency – euro or dollars. Yes, of course, anyone can try to squeeze them out, but what to do? You have to take a risk. So it’s worth it, it’s never worth it. By default, there is no need for it.

Survival Lesson # 7: Thoughtful equipment decides in advance

Sometimes life will depend on equipment. Sometimes is the amount that you can count on resale. But in any case, it’s a good flashlight, a good multitool … Well, with a knife, of course, all the same rules as with money – “

Survival Lesson # 8: Primary Objective – Survive

Now.. This really doesn’t contribute. The conclusion is simple – to bring down and adapt in a new place. Yes, it will be difficult. If you really like something, It is much better to try to live it up. Passivity is much worse than activity, especially in this regard.

Survival lessons from the civil war

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