Survival lessons in the zombie apocalypse of special forces veterans

Our remains are fast

Hellfire: Hellfire zombie apocalypse.



He served as the instructor in the Real Seal Experience Survival Center.

Vasily Vereshchak

The Colonel has been a member of the 1992-2004 team of minors who participated in the Alpha anti-terror unit. Pervomaysk (1996), was repeatedly in business trips in Chechnya.


He was the master of the national defense team of the Forces (IDF), who is currently in the field of reserve, the IDF organization.

What to take with you

Vasily Vereshchak. It is worth taking away documents, money and valuables. But they are not useful. What to take with you:

  • Water (a couple of bottles);
  • Biscuits (leave canned at home, they will slow you down);
  • Vodka (bottle for warming in the evenings, just keep it away: a man has 100 grams, a woman has 50 grams, a child for a couple);
  • Activated carbon (given that food will be bad);
  • Iodine and bandage;
  • Blanket (for the child).

BILL WHITE. Until zombie Do not break into a backpack. You will need:

  • Water;
  • Food (with a reserve of 72 hours: peanut butter with crackers (protein), smoked salmon and dried fruits), dried fruits);
  • A hat and a sweater (no other clothes are needed, because you will not change clothes anyway);
  • First Aid Kit (Tylenol for a child, patches, painkillers);
  • Identity card and jewels in the shelter of the shelters;
  • There is a wrap-around electrical tape.

DAN HASKELL. The following should always be kept in the closet:

  • First Aid Kit (antibiotics, patches, alcohol, cotton);
  • Sewing kit (you can sew up both clothes and wounds);
  • Hammock, rolled into a small ball (along with the ground);
  • Mirror (sends signals, kindles fire);
  • Rubber cord (will help catch the beast for dinner);
  • Gas stove (boil water);
  • Sleeping bag for two;
  • Tablets for water purification;
  • Scissors;
  • Batteries;
  • Little knife;
  • Head flashlight.

Do not break your head. Think about dinner after you get out of chaos.

How to dress

Vasily Vereshchak. Clips to everything. Pockets are welcome, but only sticky. In spetsnaz all have nothing falls out.

BILL WHITE. Clothes are better baggy. In jeans it is hard to run, jump, climb over the fences. The color of clothes is neutral. Pockets should be stuffed with patches and electrical tape.

What to do with pets

Vasily Vereshchak. Little stupid pet dogs. Escaping from a surrounded zombie cities. They will become a burden. Birds can be released, cats are on the street, they are survivable, cope. But the little dog is doomed. These terriers are apocalypse all artificially created is doomed.

How to get out of the apartment

BILL WHITE. If a zombie surround your apartment, barricade the front door. Push in heavy furniture, priprite chairs. If you are going to go through the door. Here you will need to keep your opponent at a distance. If there is a pet, it can be diversion.

DAN HASKELL. Do not drink alcohol for the road. You can not allow yourself to defocus.

How to make your own hands

Photographer James Mollison during the 1435-day siege of the city.

How to get out of the city

BILL WHITE. When escorting from the city, keep wide streets. There is no need to take a look at the street, hosing behind cars, fences, bushes.

Vasily Vereshchak. For singles, it’s over rooftops. Zombie – slow, clumsy, poorly seen It will be stumble over the wires and the antennas. In addition, all smells are ventilated on the roof. But you will not be able to Man of the city basements.

Going down the subway, I would not advise. It is not possible to run through the tunnel. In addition, the bilge pumps can be simply drown. It is a bit of zombie go there. But, without knowing the local labyrinths, you can easily get lost. So you better keep the basements. The main thing is to avoid the streets, there are massive odors.

If you need a break, you can go to the mall. It will be empty, because it will be run away from there.

What weapon to choose

BILL WHITE. Make a stop at the gun shop. Take a knife for each family member. Take a pistol, caliber 9 mm – most common and ammo and stores. I prefer the Beretta brand.

Vasily Vereshchak. If you suddenly meet a gun on the way, grab a submachine gun. Now I will explain my choice. It requires a heal. The pistol has a small caliber, which means there is no stopping effect. He will drop it. This will give you a chance to shoot away or run away. Another plus is the submachine gun shoots bursts.

I do not advise taking a knife. Working with a knife provides close contact. You miss – you will be bitten immediately. In addition, there is a knife. You can beat In order to still kill you. In general, take a submachine gun. Do not forget your necklace.

Take to a chainsaw

Vasily Vereshchak. That in movies and games against zombie use a chainsaw, so it is from the evil one. In fact, it is very difficult to keep. It is impractical, whimsical.

What if you killed a zombie

Vasily Vereshchak. If you killed zombie, Do not burden yourself with thoughts about recycling the body. It is a problem when it comes to normal and disinfection. Then you need to bury the eight meters. But if all around – zombie, then kill and run away.

BILL WHITE. Killed zombies – do not come close to the corpse. Do not be greedy, do not go into his pockets. Do not touch him, even if he has a Rolex on his arm.

For escape

Vasily Vereshchak. Ideally, a car would be suitable for escaping from the city. Jeep, mechanics – the most reliable option. In terms of landing and landing, four-door is better. But let’s be realistic – there will be such a chaos on the streets.

Where to escape from the city

BILL WHITE. Run away from the metropolis as far as possible. Get out of the city, find a hill, or rather a mountain, and climb it. There you will be the least vulnerable. As an alarm system, it should be noted. It is also possible to control the enemy.

Vasily Vereshchak. Head into the forest. Zombie it will be hard there: branches, hemp. In the field spreads quickly. In addition, it is ready to fuel (wood). Do you want to think about the alarm? You can stretch the rope If you’re there?

DAN HASKELL. If there is a boat in the city, find a yacht and go into it. If you find on board zombie – kill and throw off the water. Do not worry about the environment. Sail a safe distance, but not too far. Watch what happens in the city. When you run out of supplies, you have to go back there. Caught fish. Drink – collected dew and rain. One member of the family must stay on guard every night.

When you see what the city becomes, you can go to explore. Family with you in intelligence do not take. They go to their camp. It seems to be the case with your family. It’s better not to take anyone to your ship.

How to fix life

BILL WHITE. The agreement is for a couple of days after the arrangement. Even if the village is defeated by zombies, there should be food there. Zombie bees flesh. Look also for a water filter. Look for seedlings. It is a scoop of nails. Finding a radio station, it’s possible that the station is still working, and the announcer is still there. Group, so safer.

How to make forays

Vasily Vereshchak. Few weeks later. He didn’t give himself. Start from the nearest neighborhood. It can be taken back to the city. Look for other survivors. A group is always stronger than a loner. It is always more effective to distribute duties, a fighter, and a scout. When enough people gather, you can go in a squad to the city.

Just do not inflate the squad. It only seems that better. And Suvorov always won a smaller number. A large squad is difficult to manage. Especially when it comes to war. Yes, there will definitely be some students who will argue with everything. More than 30 people in the squad do not take. Part of the guard, part of the intelligence, part of the attack.

DAN HASKELL. Do not go, go on the attack. First, the group must train. Agree on who will be the squad leaders. When you are ready for action, start with small operations, trial. For example, surround with a dozen zombies and shoot. The assault. The IDF we’ve been Need to constantly improvise. If you have no brains, hold on to someone who has them.

BILL WHITE. When you have several people in your group, you can It’s not a problem. Plan your plan. Zombie – mindless creatures One of the possible strategies: Climb onto the roof. After some time, zombies will come to smell. Shoot them.

Bite a close one

BILL WHITE. Build a fence in your camp – there will be bitten people from the group. Quarantine area. If they are in order, they can be released, if not – shoot them.

DAN HASKELL. If a zombie bit a comrade or family member – kill the bitten without delay. If you have had a bitter for you.

Vasily Vereshchak. If you see a comrade bit in a fight zombie, he must be shot immediately. But if zombie, say, bite his wife, then this is a dilemma. Cold calculation requires killing her. But I, for example, could not. If I kill her, I will suffer and torment myself. It would be easier. But I am believer and I understand that this is a sin. I’m taking it a little bit I will kill myself immediately. It is a sin when a person kills himself zombie I will not sin.

Survival lessons in the zombie apocalypse of special forces veterans

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