Survival Menu: Asian Fish Sauces

When I hear that someone confidently asserts that: “Man is an innate vegetarian. In the end, you look at monkeys! “I sincerely wish this anthropologist goes somewhere in Asia. So that he is an omnivorous being. And absolutely. There is no smell. Scavengers would covet on. Moreover, they even specially treat such properties.

Today we will talk about a whole group of similar products – about fish sauces. And no, these are not sauces for fish. These are sauces FROM fish. From small, minced and fermented fish, seasoned with a huge amount of salt. Actually, initially the idea is simple. Microorganisms will get in the liquid. No microorganisms – no rotting, but only fermentation or, as some call it, self-digestion. The product is obtained free of charge, it can be easily digestible and nutritious. If it were not for one “but.” Smell.

Most Cooking Recipes fish sauces very similar, but invented independently of each other. That is, yes. Hey, hey, hey, hey. This is definitely a good idea! Hm And what is it from her so? It doesn’t matter if it stinks more, it tastes and richer! “Nevertheless, despite the terrible smell, fish sauce very pleasant to the taste. Unusual, very salty, but quite edible. It can be extracted from fermented fish.

Most often for cooking fish sauces Anchovy, Japanese toothfish, mackerel, eel. It is a small fish. It is washed out for 3 months or 3 months or even more. Gutting is not necessary – fish is literally digested by its own enzymes. There is no risk of laying eggs there. And not who are the risks … Well … Let’s just say, there is no taste.

The total conditions of the salt are high, the temperature of the fish and the free space. It is located in the seashore of oceans. Greece (Garum), Korea (Chotkal), Japan (Isira or Settsuru), Vietnam (Nyokmam), Philippines (Patis), Thailand (Nampla), Cambodia (Tyktrey), gastronomic variety. Differences in the details of the filtration of the fish.

Filtration of fish sauce

After fish sauce The allotted time will “infuse” – it is pressed. Increase the weight of the squeeze. The first spinning sauce is the richest and trumpiest. But the remnants go nowhere. They are simply poured with brine and left for another few months. If you’re trying to get bored, you’ll not be bothered.

And now the main question. Why the hell is it for us? Fish can be easily put on the ear? The answer is simple – shelf life. How much fish can lie in the heat? And for fish sauces, these are normal cooking conditions. But the disadvantages of this method are unmasking smell. If you’ve been trying to reach several steps away. And nevertheless, is specific. On the lover. Like anchovies, in short, someone likes them. So, “Piggy Bank” recipes with this “creation”.

Survival Menu: Asian Fish Sauces

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