Survival Menu: Norwegian Salted and Dried Cod

Any predator can get food. But you can safely eat – only a person. It is a man who is an omnivorous animal with an emphasis on meat. That’s just to keep this meat really hard. There was a lot of time and a good motivation: “If you don’t The methods of long-term storage of food were found.

Norwegian recipe, long practiced by anglers. About salty and dried cod. Why precisely about her? It was a cod. This is not always the case. Therefore, it is possible to obtain a purely protein, which is a well tolerated denaturation. It was a good idea.

And not only the Norwegians. Coast rated features dried cod. And, of course, they are called. The Portuguese and the Spaniards – baklau, Scandinavians and Danes – cliffisk, West Africans – makayaba, among the population of northern Russia – labardan. But the essence remained the same everywhere. Gutted cod, richly salted and thoroughly dried in the sun. It can be protected from moisture.

The recipe has been put on it for industrial refrigerators. dry cod right aboard True, sometimes there are incidents. For example, the legendary masterpiece “punitive cooking” lutefisk and it appeared dried cod accidentally covered with ashes from a burnt-out warehouse, and then plentifully flooded with rain. As a result of a chemical reaction, it has been deteriorated. But not until the end. And now the Norwegians eat it sometimes. But the “punitive cooking” as any other time.

“But why do we need all this?” – you ask. “If you’re going to catch a cod. And on the ocean shore, I don’t have much chance either. It is not always fresh, but it’s also frozen fish. It is possible to find it out. Therefore, we listen further.

Freshly caught fish. This form salt is decapitate. This is a classic recipe. However, variations are permissible. You can, as already mentioned, use pre-frozen and cut fish. The taste is not the same, but stores can really significantly. You can pre-delete the spine and you can leave. You can not use a dry crystalline salt, but a saline solution in which fish carcasses are immersed for several days. You can even have several times if one procedure was not enough. It is possible to use oppression in combination with saline. It is also possible to dry your skin with water. dried cod. In short, there are many options.

In short, the cooking itself is salty and dried cod – not very difficult task. In fact, there is no single recipe for how much salt is needed. It is recommended that you use a small amount of salt for a week. It is 23-27 degrees that should not be too high. In any case, you should get a damn carrot, and you can already work on. And before work, and in several waters – it is not so salty.

So, dear preppers, Take this recipe for your service. Anything can happen – salty and dried cod It doesn’t have to be superfluous in your secret caches.

Menu survivalist: Norwegian salted and dried cod

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