Survival Menu: Pemmikan

Man is an omnivorous animal. Therefore, the meat takes a very decent share. It can be used to make sure that it has been shown that it has been shown. When the BP comes, the number of vegans will greatly decrease, if not completely disappear. It will be easier to gobble up.

But back to the meat. For example, the legendary stew. But today we’ll be talking about pemmican.

Let’s start with the terminology. Under the classic pemmican refers to a mixture of chopped dried meat, lard, spices, dried fruit. The only way. Not just dried meat, not baked minced meat with interior fat. All this is the fantasy of modern culinary survivors “on”. It can be a hike, but it’s not. And the real pemmican Up to six months can be stored.

Actually, it was a long shelf life caused pemmican widespread. This is what most of the Indian tribes led to. There is mining – there is dinner. No prey – no dinner. For example, for a ritual, for meat, for example, and for meat. That is why pemmican It can be stored at a long time, so it’s been to improvise.

Arriving on the continent, the Europeans is very quickly appreciated the beauty pemmican, Therefore, they adopted the recipe. For example, many cornered beef corners, pemmican, which can be eaten without additional processing. Of course, it doesn’t contain much more than nothing.

In addition to the huge shelf life, pemmican although it is a very pleasant taste. It is best to use it.

I myself learned about pemmican From the works of Fenimore Cooper, it is very important. The people actively fed pemmican, not dense briquettes. But these are just cooking features.

This unique piece is prepared as follows:

  • Take away the meat, take it out, remove it, take it out.
  • An electric dryer is also suitable.
  • Next, grind it in a coffee grinder until smooth. Or crush in a mortar, as, in fact, the Indians did.
  • We take dried fruits (it doesn’t matter what it does), grind them.
  • We take the fat and melt it. Preferably pork. but you can any other. In the future, use only the liquid fraction.
  • 4 parts of fat.
  • Stir until smooth, add salt and spices from the soul.
  • It has been shown that there is a possibility that there will be a temperature of 60 degrees.
  • For them in foil.

It’s a hard meat concentrate. That is why pemmican can be stored at room temperature. A foil is needed to block the access to moisture. You can use it “bouillon cubes”.

It is very common for people to use it. But we will talk about them next time.

Survival Menu: Pemmikan

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