Survival Menu: Universal Camping Food

Survival is not just as many consider “art.” Indeed, it’s a creative vein that must be present. It is not a step away from you. And you can take it out.

For survival everything is exactly the same. It is a recipe that leads to quite interesting results. This is exactly what happened with “universal food for hiking“.

This is a recipe for authorship. Sergey Rishtakova, It is closely intertwined with the most ancient methods. It is a long shelf life and a very pleasant taste. Actually, this is why the author is called her “universal food for hiking“It was a pate of bacon for survivors and tourists.

To prepare this healthy dish, we will need:

  • Fat. 450 grams. Without meat veins, not salty and not fried. The most common raw lard.
  • Black bread. 450 grams. Without malt, without various flavorings. You can even make your own.
  • Melted cheese. 450 grams. It is the cheese, not the “cheese product”.
  • Onions (two medium onions), sugar (a teaspoon), salt (a tablespoon), sunflower oil, red pepper, garlic (4 cloves), greens.

Bread needs to be turned into crackers. It is not possible – it is quite possible to dry it in the oven. But in this case, you need to make sure that there is no tanning. The skin is pre-aged in the freezer. It turns out “caramelized onions”. It is a mix of meat grinder twice. First through a large cell, then through a small one. The finished paste is divided into portions. Actually, everything.

To increase the shelf life, the author “universal food for hiking»Recommended using dried sweets and oven-dried cheese. It can be stupidly eaten from a jar, can be used for frying, you can even dilute it. Indeed, universal food.

And the secret lies in the combination of products. Fat is not a preservative, but it does not. Onions and garlic – a source of phytoncides, which additionally resist microorganisms. Pepper and salt – natural preservatives. Black bread is a source of carbohydrates that are easily digested. Melted cheese is a simple protein. That is to sayuniversal food for hiking“The highest content of proteins and carbohydrates, which is also very long stored.

As you can see, there is always a place for creativity. Recipe for your own creativity. It should not be forgotten, because it is fraught, it can not be forgotten. Fortunately, this doesn’t apply to camping cooking.

Survival Menu: Universal Camping Food

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