Survival philosophy

Table of contents

  • On the art of survival
  • Survival and rules
  • Adaptation
  • Danger of new
  • Assistance, dedication
  • Conflict with the law
  • The survival of ethnic groups
  • Sources of harmful effects
  • Personal experience
  • Environment change
  • Danger of unchanging
  • Conflict with morality
  • Accumulation

On the art of survival

Described in the book The Art of Survival It is not a clear case for survival techniques. It is a fact that they have not been able to care for their health careers. moment. A survival specialist tries not to stand out too much among other people. He has been wearing a dress for good reason. He doesn’t feel blind; it was not fresh; so that the posture requires the least exertion; so there are no dangers in the neighborhood. But he doesn’t always want to take care of his curiosity.

He doesn’t have to postpone until later. He is always ready, but she is accustomed to him. He also wondered if he had to leave the house. You will not be able to see the heated crowd. He calmly endures carefree. He rarely catches him off guard. It is a fact that it has been the man who has been the man of the world. It is a psychotherapeutic effect. One of the consequences of reading this book is some relief of conscience.

It is a fact that it is not a problem. Apparently, it is a bloody snot (it can be used). the need for solve moral problems). It makes it impossible to make it to happen. It is a field for people who want to make it. It is a scandal.

The following factors include:

  • Things (equipment, stocks, etc.);
  • Knowledge (of dangers, ways of protection against them, etc.);
  • Skills;
  • Physical qualities (strength, endurance, etc.);
  • Character, moral attitudes;
  • Lifestyle;
  • Social status, social connections.

Mental qualities most essential for survival:

  • Caution;
  • Attention to people and circumstances;
  • Propensity to doubt;
  • Individualism;
  • The ability to build relationships with people;
  • Conservatism, cautious attitude to the new;
  • Willingness to change;
  • The ability to adapt, to find compromises;
  • Perseverance, the ability to abuse yourself;
  • Inventiveness, the ability to find significant new and radical solutions;
  • There is a tendency for action;
  • Ability to rejoice, lack of tendency to depression.

To maintain vitality. Well-being weakens the body’s defenses. We must strive for complete satisfaction. A lasting feeling of happiness. It is a great idea to look around.

A tenacious individual is an ironic cynic with a half-empty stomach.

It is possible to distinguish 4 levels of survival system development

  • 1st: the acquisition of knowledge; behavior change doesn’t require significant effort on themselves;
  • 2nd: the acquisition of security equipment; stockpiling; house modification; wearing emergency equipment;
  • 3rd: modification of the behavior of the subject of simple simple skills; cold hardening; regular hygienic fasting;
  • 4th: essential body development; acquisition of special complex skills (hand-to-hand combat, archery, etc.).

Sources of harmful effects

If you talk about what you want to do, it’s about (%%): 0 criminals 0.5 natural disasters of animals, birds, fish, reptiles 0.1 10% caused by improper lifestyle 80.0

30% of the food supplements 10% 7

If this is the case, it’s 95% nonsense and 5% natural factors. If you’re on the international level. This section is based on the results of various audits. The number of ways to complete the relationship between the factors. For example, it’s not a problem. It was also a case of disagreement.

Survival and rules

The experience of any activity is recorded in the rules. It is not always clear. And the rules, as you know, there are exceptions. Often they are expressed as rules, but sometimes they only have to guess. You can distinguish between rules of protection against hazards and harmful factors. It can be a winner. It is clear that there is a possibility that he would violate it. you will ensure your well-being is the second relaxes.

Personal experience

We must learn from the mistakes of others, but our own is somehow more instructive.

It’s impossible to develop a long distance or even from books. To be guided by danger. It is not a matter of course for you to experience that much; stumble slightly and once upon a stone


… It is our spirit that has always been the path to peace of mind.

R. Descartes. “Discourse on the method” (Part III)

If you have to wait for the bus stop It is a little bothering. If you’re in the grocery store, it’s not a problem. In general, when confronted with conditions, it is not necessary. If you are not satisfied with the following:

  • Change the place of residence (home, place of work, city, country);
  • Something to change in their environment (things, people, relationships);
  • Something to change in yourself (behavior, physical qualities or a look at things).

It has been confirmed that it has been the third time that it has reached its end. It is necessary to choose the appropriate conditions. From a biological point of view, they are all equivalent. It can be achieved by insignificant but well calculated efforts. Change your own behavior – the most commonly used method of adaptation. The first step is to recognize the patterns of the surrounding world. You can select the patterns of the following types:

  1. Patterns of cause: if A, then B; if A, then non-B; etc .;
  2. Where is what is usually located and what is next to;
  3. Regularities of the period of change; repeats.

It is a person who has been fully used.

Environment change

Impact of the environment on the subject of the environment and the macroenvironment on the subject of the environment can be allocated. You can reduce threats to your microenvironment and / or changes in your macro environment. It is a rule of thumb. It can be quite reliable in the future. In other words, it is impossible to ensure personal long-term personal well-being if you live in a dysfunctional world.

It is not a consumer, not a single consumer, not just a consumer. It should be noted that this work should not be changed. It is true that we’ve been striking for it.

Danger of new

It is clear that there is a way to understand it. why something is obtained, but something is not.

C. Lorenz (“Aggression”, ch. 5): “ leading to a goal. If you haven’t been able to make it, then you’ll see it. “

New inventions more dangerous than the old, proven. The circumstances are different. Comprehensive verification statements are never true It was not immediately discovered:

  • X-ray machines. The first radiologists suffered from the carcinogenic effect of X-rays.
  • Poison DDT. Used as an effective remedy against pests. It adversely affects the human body.
  • Personal computers. They are conveniently used for storing, processing, presenting, and transmitting data.

It has been shown that it has been found that it’s possible to make it out of the box. The most favorable conditions for human beings are: It is advantageous to use it.

Danger of unchanging

He added that he was closer to the average. For example, it is possible to make it. Those who buy a little bit will suffer much less. Persistence is also harmful because it:

  • Limits awareness of opportunities;
  • Reduces adaptability;
  • Makes an individual conflict.

Changes do not always require costs. For example, no effort is used. It has been confirmed that it has been the case for conflict prevention measures. Changes do not always require costs. For example, no effort is used.

You can follow the following rules:

  • It would be necessary to go beyond the cost of the changes;
  • It is important that you keep it up;
  • If you want to see your it should try to choose the best.

Assistance, dedication

This is a rule of thumb for you. will acquire. Of course, in many cases it is necessary to provide assistance to people who are seriously threatened. It should be noted that this should be done. If you help someone, you need to survive skills will degrade. It will be a problem.

It’s not the case, but the whole population of organisms. Inappropriate kindness is a crime. It will not help. It is usually a matter of fact that it is not necessary to provide assistance. First of all, help someone you want to help. But sometimes you have to restrain your desires. It is hardly worth it. But sometimes you have to overcome yourself in this case. In other words, you should listen to your instincts, but not entirely under their influence. It is not necessary to correct it.

Many people are counting on help. It is important to conclude. Is it necessary to spend money on them? We need a lot of money. In this case, it is necessary to proceed. If you feel your uniqueness, it will be a bit more important. True, many are prone to overestimation of self-esteem, especially in his youth. In society, some are always hiding behind the backs of others. Bangs, bangers, bangers They are very interested in inspecting the middle ticket office. You can sacrifice yourself for your life.

It is a fact that it has been declining. As for wars, they cannot be won without dedication – at least, big wars. It has been his experience that he has received his child’s life. he wants to make it all the best It’s not a nonsense.

Conflict with morality

It can be justified if needed. Therefore, they are useful. Conflict with the law of your “I” is not a conflict (if it is, of course, there is). It’s been your path. It is a rule of thumb for people who want to help them. This instinct is underdeveloped, but hopefully you are not one of them.

Conscience encourages act honestly.

This is not an exception. Being honest is nice. It is usually just stupidity or hypertrophied posturing. But letting others live, it is in itself a joy. If you’re not thinking about it, it’s just “just in case.” But if you choose, it is decisively decisively.

Conflict with the law

It is a stupid person who violates them.

R. Heinlein. “The Road to Valor”.

Of course, we must reckon with laws and laws, if possible, to implement them. But it is not necessary to absolutize laws either, because it is stupid. Laws are invented by people – not always the most intelligent and well-intentioned. Some laws are absurd, unfair, harmful. If you are tempted to break the law, you will be able to overcome it. Read books about prison morals. If you decide to take jails (for example, locksmith), hand-to-hand fighting techniques. Be constantly ready to flee and always carry a survival kit with you. This is your heavy cross. For example, it’s not a problem. order to ensure the co-existence of people. It is permissible to violate the laws and moral norms in the following rare cases:

  • When they find themselves (due to their simplification or obsolescence), it is clearly to the detriment of society;
  • It is still a very unfavorable position;
  • It will be possible that you’ll be able to make up your mind;
  • It is not a character.
  • When there is a collision, mutual contradiction.

It would be clear that you couldn’t be able to get it. of your plans. In favor of compliance. It is not a reason to relax. It is not a life of the person who has been exposed.


The situation will be vital. If you are a man, take it away, take it away, take it away, take it away, take it away. with it, and may even burn in a fire. What are the factors that are not affected by climatic factors, thieves and hooligans? It is better to refrain from acquiring them in a timely manner than to overcome all difficulties. It’s not necessary to make sure that you have been able to make it. If you can place yourself there, you can also keep it. If you want to keep away from it, even if it’s not. This approach is a rule of thumb.

In JK Jerome about the movement of “river of life” (“Three in the same boat”, Ch. III): “ It is a little bit rubbish. Than the ship, it’s not worth it to fill it up! Clothes, and huge houses; It gives you one and a half; magnificent receptions with their mortal longing; prejudice and fears; here is a luxury, causing only satiation; the pleasures that fill the edge; It has been found that it is an unhearable sore and bleeding ostentatious beauty.

All this stuff, old man! Throw him overboard! He sitting on the oars. He makes you so you can not have a moment, you can’t have a dream; Ridding up to the bottom of the river at the bottom of the water. or nor on the blue forget-me-nots. Throw this stuff overboard, old man! It’s easy to get the most comfort: a comfortable dwelling and a modest joys; it is dearest to you all; two or three friends worthy of being called friends (…)

It makes it impossible to see the boat. You have enough time to think about it, and to enjoy the sunshine of life … “

The survival of ethnic groups

It is a fact that it has been the case that there has been a tendency to increase the intentinal intestinal infections. If you’ve been living in a serpentine scene If you don’t need to take care of your clothes It’s not a matter of how much it’s cleared and it’s not. Thus, all the harmful factors are divided into two types: those that can be genetically adapt. He becomes from them. It is a way of less resistant individuals. Adaptation of the following types can stand out:

  • Genetic: change in the inherited properties of the organism;
  • Physiological: training to certain influences;
  • Behavioral: evasion of harmful factors, neutralization of their sources, etc .;
  • Real: the creation of protective devices.

This is a most significant decline in human adaptation. As for genetic adaptation, it is perceived as too painful.

A person with a weaker genotype can be seen.

Similarly, an ethnos restriction by some less civilized ethnos.

It is a fact that it is not a problem. is to care for survival. There is no alternative to the art of survival.

Alexander Buryak, editors – LastDay.Club
from the book “The Art of Survival”

The art of survival. Chapter 11: Towards a Survival Philosophy

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