Survival Sects: On Religion and Survival

Electronic database of St. Petersburg “Militia Dei”. This database contains information about the world’s modern world. And, most interestingly, there is survivors.

According to this article survivalists (sewaivalists, survivalists) – during the Cold War, 50 – 80 years, to the “Nuclear Apocalypse”.

The name of the current comes from the English survival – survival.

Motion survivalists “The race race”. There are many ways to go. end of the world, which seemed quite concretely.

So the main idea Survivalist sects it was the expectation of armageddon III World War, for conflict of survival in the cataclysm. For this sectarians a lot of bunkers were created, whole fortified villages, tons of food and drinking water were stored. Personal protective equipment was bought on a large scale: respirators, gas masks, overalls, etc. It was a nuclear power plant.

Here are some examples of survivalist sects:

  • In 1960, it was July 14, 1960 at 1:45, the American bomb. Of his supporters built a 15-room “Ark” on the altitude of more than 2000 m.
  • In Denmark, it was the 50th day of 1967. They’ve been singing a bunker near Copenhagen, where they celebrated Christmas.
  • American sect survivors, headed by Leland Jensen and Charles Heinz stated that April 29, 1980, according to the Book of Revelation III World War. Sect members from Montana to Colorado awaited the outbreak of war in the Rocky Mountains.

Most Survivalist sects formed on a military model: with strict discipline and combat training. Among sectarians the “devilish forces” during Armageddon. Actually the religious side, as a rule, faded into the background.

It was a time when it was possible to develop its plans.

The United States and the European countries. After the 1990s, the movement is declined. At the same time, separate sect survivors There are still, above all, in the United States.

Survivalist sects: On religion and survival

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