Survival Shooting Exercise – Self-Defense from Terrorist

If you decide to use your weapon. I’m trying to make it easier

Exercise for shooting a playing card – “3 – 3 – 3”

Worn in the raincoat.

There are three shots from the holster, a circle for three seconds. Three – three – three. Playing cards are not expensive.

It is clear that even you can’t understand it. Fenced line and cardboard targets.

Start at three meters. Yes, you can start arguing 3 meters, take it out, take it out, take it in three seconds, just three shots. Try not to shoot yourself.

Go to five meters, then seven, and finally – ten. Every shot is taken into account, just like in real life. Misses are unacceptable – I repeat – I LEAST ONE, go back to a closer distance. If you want to go back, then you can go back.

You also need to reconsider what you are armed with. It is not necessary to make the order. to a 9 mm gun, you need more train with 9mm. Then again to train. Or it will be good.

Any shotster exercise begins. This is normal.

Three seconds in general is a long time. Count out loud, or use a clock. I can get up and go to another room in three seconds.

Pulling a gun should take one second, ideally even less. Train with weapons at home, not forgetting to defuse. Start without outerwear. Stand up, looking at the target (I use anything, for example – a switch on the wall), remove the weapon. Slowly – it is smooth, smoothly – it is fast. As a child learns to walk.

Complete the formation of your arms to the target. It is a fireball.

Rear alignment, thus performing accurate aiming. After the pistol hits the target. Pay attention to you on track. As I said, Yes, you can do it. Slowly – it is smooth, smoothly – it is fast.

It is a fact that you’re not a little bit of a blow. No matter what the fly is.

This shooting exercise will require you toaboutit is a rule of course that it will take a bit. Not at the shooting range. There are two rounds in two seconds.

Three meters from the target range. Throw yourself and slam a little with a discharged gun. If you are a woman, do you need to do this? After that, you’ll be on fire.

When you have been shocked, you must keep yourself on the line. If you are watched the third shot.

Rifle training

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