Survival Show: Entertainment vs. Reality

It seems that survival show appear on TV more and more each year. I’m not a fan of the early episodes Survive together and Stay alive, when watching tv. We receive a new manufacturing or manufacturing company.

To begin with, I’m happy that survival in the wild attracting more and more media attention. However, I found a clear discrepancy between survival on tv and real survival situation.

Do not misunderstand me, survivors like Cody landin and Stroud forests inspired me to become a professional training mentor survival skills. But Cody’s farewell words to his fans Double survival made me think. He thanked everyone for years of support. And then he said. survival, just to meet the requirements of the show. Asked to risk and besides his bare feet. Reading the following Cody interviews for several months after he left, I became convinced of this.

I can’t blame the TV network for the request take more risks, because it sells and attracts viewers. But in the end, if in real survival situations you risk and add dramas, you seek perdition. After all, the real desert survival – about safety and energy saving. Both are boring for TV. If you do not need to know where to go next Remembering that you can’t afford to waste. Climbing on the gorgesurvivors“It’s unrealistic to meet basic needs (shelter, fire, water, food). And you are likely to die. Go ahead and assume that these risky events led to injury. Collector debris for rubbing shelters with a broken leg, more energy is required. It is not worth it.

I think it’s time to develop survival. They obviously do not understand this. You can read in a book or experience someone else’s experience. survival show, that needs you need to meet your needs. survival. Especially after getting injured due to unnecessary risk and without completing the extra energy consumed by calories.

In fact, in survival situations you spend a lot of calories, replenishing only 60 to 100 percent a day. After 1-2 days, the lack of calorie intake in combination with the energy spent into fatigue. So that you can’t walk away from the firewood before returning to the camp. Having experienced this several times, Even after a lot of survival attacks I always try to reduce the amount of effort.

Every issue that worries me survival show mixes places and constantly puts survivors in a new, unfamiliar to them, Wednesday. An expert in this environment. It leads to the control of natural and natural ratings. But it is not very informative. It would be better to send to each new location. survive specialist in this particular area. Finding water, water, and shelter. Because it understands natural systems and connections.

For example, it’s not water. Wild animals and edible plants. Knowing enough wild nature, You can quickly determine their habitats and trajectory (depending on water availability, trails, trails and food sources). If you want to get a source of protein. It would still allow a person in real survival situations stay alive long enough until the arrival of any rescue team. And not only for a short period of 3-5 days.

Do not be fooled. TO TV survival in a short time using minimum gear should be treated carefully and carefully. I quite often make survival raids and constantly pacify mother nature. I develop my skills or knowledge naturalist, it seems she always throws her ball at me, taking her by surprise.

In conclusion, I want to say sincere thanks Cody Landinu for not sacrificing its integrity for a dollar. Now I respect him even more than before. If it ever appears.

Thank you for your attention and take care of yourself there

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Survival Show: Entertainment vs. Reality

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