Survival story: Julian Köpke. Survive in a plane crash and jungle

Do I need to teach children how to survive? Any of our readers probably thinks so. However, there are alternative views. Most often – in case of survivors. “They need to prepare for the exam! Let it be better to study economics or accounting. ”And if father Juliane köpke 508 over the Peruvian jungle.


1971 Peru. 17 year old Juliana Köpke, She is a girlfriend of the Christmas holidays. My father worked in Pucallpa, he was a biologist, and he turned to be an ornithologist. It was a period of time when it was located deep in the jungle. Well and, of course, told about all possible dangers, as well as how to prevent them.

It was a good mood for you to travel. And what could have been gone wrong, right? Lightning hits the engine, it starts. The skin of the skin is broken. The height of about three kilometers.

Problems and Solutions

Juliana Köpke comes to life. He has a girl who has had a myopia. But alive and even can think. Last memories – unpowered voice of the mother Crushing blow.

Around – no one. One shoe flew away, no glasses, dressed in a light dress. Everything hurts, where to go – is unclear. It is clear that it’s not a problem. Need to act independently. But it took another 4 days before Juliana Köpke recovered enough after falling

What is the first problem? Move it around slowly and carefully, using a stick to move it around. It is not possible to go in the knee. The second problem is nothing to eat. For every day, I don’t want to. But lucky enough to find a bag of candy. At least some, but food. The third problem is clothing. Wet, cold, does not protect against accidental cuts. But here, alas, only to endure. The wound began to fester. And something suspicious there has been a lot of … … So also local scavengers smelled numerous decaying bodies. In short, you need to dump quickly.

Adult Julian returns to the scene of the tragedyAdult Julian returns to the scene of the tragedy

The picture is clear, yes? This is a 17-year-old girl. And nothing, slowly but surely goes forward. It is easier to move along. Or the stream sooner or later. One problem is to hold out. There were no power resources. There are unfamiliar plants – also not an option. Shelving from the rain.

And the nightmarish campaign, Juliana Köpke discovers a boat. Covered with twigs. New, in working condition. So there is a chance that people will return for him. It would be better if they didn’t want to go further. It was slowly begun to bite deeper. Fortunately, the boat owners returned the next day.

It was immediately realized. Somehow, they’re called for help.


Injuries, boils and injuries were not too serious, Julian köpke did not hold. Rescuers according to the testimony of the girls were to find a place of disaster. As it turned out later – another 14 people survived, who died from injuries. It is a woman who has lost her life. And yes, she was able to fulfill her dream. Well, then, as usual, journalists and screenwriters. Julia herself published “How I Fell from the Sky”. Severe lady, do not say anything.

Well, what can I add. It is a miracle. It was a spirit of the spirit. It is understood that she understood how to fear. What might happen to them.

Survival story: Julian Köpke. Survive in a plane crash and the Peruvian jungle

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