Survival Stressors: Top 8 Factors That Turn Life Into Hell

There is such a concept in psychology – a stressor. So what is the state of stress? Is it worth saying that the survivalists are constantly confronted with these factors? And not only the face, but also the time to resist their effects. It is about survival stressors methods of confronting them and will be discussed today.

1. Loneliness

It’s a lot of fun. Hence the popular punishment – isolation from society. If it is a house arrest, it is not important. Temporary alienation is extremely difficult to endure. But, fortunately, there are social phobia and loners, whom this survival stressor practically does not hurt. It is even more comfortable. It is much easier to endure alienation. If you’re thinking about loneliness. In addition, stories are known precedents, when people survived for years and decades.

2. Hunger

It is a prerequisite for the development of stress. It is in spite of the fact that you can eat water. But it is not so easy to go. There is a number of ways to improve your health. The body can be accustomed to star, and it doesn’t matter in whole or in part. It has been found that it has been found that it has been found for several days, or even weeks. Just get used to it. So this survival stressor It is not decisive, if it’s not.

3. Thirst

Survival stressor, which is extremely difficult to resist. You can spend a few days. And in the end will be in a completely incapacitated state. So thirst like survival stressor – extremely powerful factor. Almost first. There is a number of ways to keep you feeling that you’ve been scoring the skin of your mouth.

4. pain

It is a normal reaction to the body. An excellent diagnostic sign. Is powerful survival stressor, and in the short term. and long term. It helps to reduce the risk of bleeding. Sharp mobilization is extremely less than chances of survival. But then adrenaline leaves, and the pain remains. Fortunately, the human body can adapt even to very intense pain. A good example of whats been a pilot, for 18 days. What is the most important thing to do?

5. Fear

Ambiguous survival stressor. He spends time on his hands. But even the trained fighter may panic and start acting inadequately. And you will never say for sure whether you are panicking in a stressful situation or not. But it doesn’t give a 100% guarantee. How to learn to resist fear? Again, contact martial arts. It is a sense of fear.

6. Overwork

Permanent companion survivor. This one survival stressor the undermines of the person “, for him to postpone the” Therefore, rationally distribute your strength, learn to rest effectively. It is easier to prevent the situation.

7. Cold

Under the conditions of the body, all processes in the human body gradually slow down. Drowsiness rolls, thoughts and movements become lethargic. Fortunately, it begins only in the later stages. Therefore, finding warm to warm up. Bonfire, warm clothes, shelter – all of these are top priorities. And, again, it is possible to calmly bathe in sub-zero temperatures.

8. Heat

Inextricably linked to other survival stressor – thirst. The hotter is the more thirsty. The heat is much more than the cold. It makes it possible to save water. It can be easily burned. It is extremely safe to get used to the heat – even the indigenous population is not 100% adapted to such conditions. So it remains.

Ok what’s survival stressors – understandably. It is clear and how they specifically affect the body. But what is the risk of their long-term exposure? Here, you need to delight yourself. Three stages are distinguished – anxiety reaction, resistance stage and exhaustion stage. The body of the body is not infinite, especially the mechanisms of hormonal regulation. If you’re not healthy, you’ll be able to get rid of it. Therefore, you need to make sure that the reaction is not over trifles.

As you can see survival stressors you can prepare in advance. It has been very rational, since it has been in environmental factors. So exercise, learn to overcome stress and control your body.

Survival Stressors: Top 8 Factors That Turn Life Into Hell

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