Survival Vehicle: Bug Out In Time to Live In A Post-Apocalyptic World

Survival Vehicle: Bug Out In Time to Live In A Post-Apocalyptic World

Doomsday can be caused by so many factors that it is almost impossible to think of all scenarios. When you need a survival vehicle, the things you should consider depend a lot on the area in which you live, the season, the number of people you plan to take with you, and whether or not you have a simple survival bag. or a whole team to take with you.

Vehicle manufacturers also thought about this problem and have built survival cars for bug situations. Not all are running on gasoline and they also have multiple purposes. Even so, the average person may not have access to such vehicles on time. That’s why it’s important to know what you need and get it as quickly as possible.

Factors of resistance to the EMP to consider

Survival vehicles are not easy to pick up. Here are some factors that you should consider in case you are planning to resist a possible disastrous situation: gas type, fuel capacity, load capacity or trailer, off-road capability, forms of maintenance and repairs, easy-to-find parts, Less Controllable by computer, mix capacity, materials and ways to improve it.

Survival Vehicle: Bug Out In Time to Live In A Post-Apocalyptic World

Although there are survival cars ready to buy, you must first know what to look for in that car. The following guidelines will give you a better idea of ​​what might work in an EMP situation, but they do not guarantee a 100% success rate.

  • Type of gas. In case you can not pay or can not trust vehicles that have alternative sources, then you should know what type of cage is more reliable. Diesel is your best choice because it does not expire as fast as gasoline and can be obtained from crops that you can grow alone. It goes without saying that no one is going to produce gas, so you have to be prepared with everything you can take. A vehicle powered by fossil fuels can not be used forever, but it is a good option to escape.
  • Fuel capacity. Survival cars must have a fuel capacity greater than that of an average car and you must add tanks filled with diesel. The possibility of stopping for diesel or even operating in a functional service station is low. These tanks must be virtually indestructible or, otherwise, you could escape, but not get very far.
  • Loading capacity. When you want to save your family, along with your pets, you will encounter the problem of space. Everyone will have things that they will want to take with them and most of them will not be objects of survival. Then, think about placing a trailer, a luggage rack or swings to optimize the space. You will not have enough time to think about this when you need to leave, so it’s best that you think about it now. When you travel alone, things are much easier.
  • Type of tires Regardless of the type of catastrophe you are facing, you can no longer rely on roads. This means you will need large tires, capable of transporting it off the road, in less harsh conditions. One of the four drive wheels is your best option, to which you must add all the tires and parts for terrains. As an extra precaution, you can carry tow rope and other types of towing tools that might come in your hand.
  • Repairs and maintenance. What you are looking for is a simple construction engine that is not controlled by a computer. This mechanism can be easily fixed if you also carry an instruction manual and some basic tools. Electronic waves could interfere with all devices on the surface of the Earth, so they should be excluded from your survival plan.
  • Your choice in a survival vehicle will definitely be good, but things break, so what you need is a common vehicle that can be It is easily arranged. If you have enough money to buy any of the modern post-apocalyptic vehicles, you will not have to worry about repairing it. However, if you do not, then you can stack or trust the common characteristics of your car. Your choice should at least take you to the place where you can take a customized vehicle that was made to survive.
  • It is not electronic. As mentioned above, you should avoid certain parts, such as the powertrain control module, the anti-lock braking system, the fuel injection that is controlled electronically, as well as the electronic ignition, the negative terminal of the battery that is sometimes connects the ground to the frame of the car and virtually anything that controls critical systems with computers.
  • Mix with. The truth is that you never know what situation you will face. It could be only environmental or it could be about surviving among other people who are not interested in helping each other, but in taking things from each other. Therefore, a vehicle that can be easily mixed is ideal. You know what they say, better safe than sorry!
  • Insulating materials. For you and your loved ones to be safe inside the vehicle, you must ensure that the materials are not conductive and, if they are, isolate them. Choose Plexiglas or plastic or any material you know with insulating properties. No one knows the kind of disaster that will bring the day of the final judgment, so that no one can be 100% protected anywhere.
  • All mechanic. The ignition of your vehicle, as well as the injection of fuel, the carburetor and the water pumps must be mechanical. This is because you can repair them yourself and do not need anything electronic to do it. However, these features may not apply to the same automobile. It’s just a point to consider.
  • Comfort points. Keeping in mind that your doomsday vehicle will be like your second home, you should make it comfortable. Sleeping in this car is a real option, so make sure it is big enough for all members of the post-apocalyptic trip.

Self-sufficient sources of survival.

Preppers from around the world put together a list of survival cars that would come in hand in case the day of doomsday arrives. Some of them are very futuristic and use alternative energy sources, while others are based on simple mechanisms. They are small or they are equipped so that a whole family lives inside them, but all have certain disadvantages, like the low speed in the case of the Sherp, a Russian truck.

The biggest disadvantage of most usable cars after the apocalypse is its price. Unless you locate them after the world as we know it ends and simply take it, it is very unlikely that you can afford such transportation.


Stella is both a car and a generator for a home or for several devices that consume electricity. This prototype was developed by researchers from the University of Eindhoven, together with the company NXP. 100% Dutch invention, Stella can produce twice the electricity it consumes.

Survival Vehicle: Bug Out In Time to Live In A Post-Apocalyptic World

A single charge allows this vehicle to travel 435 miles on the highway, but its utility can also be exploited to the maximum in other cases. This strange car can accommodate up to 4 passengers. Its outer roof is completely covered with photovoltaic panels, which work with the help of the sun.

Dodge Hybrid RAM

Dodge engineers invented and produced this vehicle for local governments. They did it between 2010 and 2011. The US Department of Energy. UU He gave them a check of almost 97.5 million dollars for their idea.

Survival Vehicle: Bug Out In Time to Live In A Post-Apocalyptic World

Although it is only a dream for ordinary people, this car is amazing because it has the ability to regenerate energy when the driver takes rest. Works with diesel, used vegetable oil or kerosene. It is also a source of energy that works like a generator and can be used in post-apocalyptic situations because of that.

Subaru Impreza

Subaru Impreza is praised and announced as a great anti-hurricane vehicle. It is suitable for all terrain and has enough space to accommodate a few people and luggage. Also, it’s a race car, so it can offer the kind of speed you need to get away from a hurricane.

Survival Vehicle: Bug Out In Time to Live In A Post-Apocalyptic World

Fast cars are also good in case of ambushes, but they are not strong enough to withstand a possible impact. It could be a mistake in the car in case of hurricanes, but it is not a good long-term solution.

Toyota Hilux

A car pickup, Toyota Hilux claims to be indestructible. If you think of an apocalyptic scenario in which trees or parts of buildings could fall on your car, you should see yourself riding this beauty!

Survival Vehicle: Bug Out In Time to Live In A Post-Apocalyptic World

This car is not cheap, but it is much more accessible than others for the same purposes.

A reliable option, offers you and your loved ones enough space to carry supplies and equipment as well. It is not a perfect choice, but it can be customized and improved to adapt to multiple situations.

Land Rover Defender

Another excellent off-road vehicle, this can even cross the water. It is not an underwater car, but it is strong enough to cross a not so deep river. Suitable for difficult roads, it does not provide as much shelter as other vehicles. That’s why it’s hard to find an all-inclusive survival car; It may not be equipped for all kinds of emergencies.

Survival Vehicle: Bug Out In Time to Live In A Post-Apocalyptic World

Also called the best off-roader, Land Rover Defender will not disappoint you if you use it in a suitable environment.


Sherp is a vehicle made by Russians that looks a bit like a tank. Resistant to a nuclear apocalypse, Sherp is a robust car. It can be driven on ice, on trees and through water. Sherp is a truly all-terrain car with huge tires and a total weight of 2600 pounds. It only generates 44 horsepower and reaches a maximum speed of 27 mph on land and 3.7 mph in water.

Survival Vehicle: Bug Out In Time to Live In A Post-Apocalyptic World

It comes with a built-in 15 gallon gas tank that is roomy enough for a full day. In addition, it is accompanied by additional gas tanks that can be pre-filled for emergencies.

4×4 sport vehicle.

According to the opinions of the experts, this vehicle is perfect in case the world ends due to zombies. You can make this van your home, especially if you live near the desert. The type of rugged terrain you can cross with this vehicle can be used in your favor because the zombies will stumble and not catch you.

Survival Vehicle: Bug Out In Time to Live In A Post-Apocalyptic World

It puts a lot of space at your disposal and you can climb to look for zombies, as people used to do in the well-known series The Walking Dead. It is not one of the fastest cars, this truck is fast enough to go from zombies to no zombies.

Earth Roamer XV-LT

Speaking of vehicles you can live in, the Earth Roamer XV-LT is a better option. It comes with amazing features, such as a double turbo diesel engine, towing capacity of 10,000 pounds and is able to use the sun’s energy to produce energy.

Survival Vehicle: Bug Out In Time to Live In A Post-Apocalyptic World

In addition, you can fill it with 85 gallons of water and use its filtration system as well. To make things even more impressive, you have an additional gas tank that can hold 90 gallons of diesel. On the downside, this is a family vehicle that will slow down an independent person. You’d better start saving 225k for this beauty!

Oshkosh tactical protective vehicle

The end of the world as we know it or TEOTWAWKI might not be empty of people. It could be full of survivors who will want war. If so, you must put your hands on the Oshkosh tactical protective vehicle because it offers nuclear, chemical and biological protection.

Survival Vehicle: Bug Out In Time to Live In A Post-Apocalyptic World

It may not be rich in sustainability options, but at least it has side ports and an upper turret for the machine gun you will also need. With a capacity to stop rounds of armor drilling up to 14.5 mm, this vehicle is ideal in dangerous situations.


Buffalo has been used since 2003. It is a vehicle sent to Afghanistan that is bulletproof and grenade-proof. It comes with 6 huge wheels and a robotic arm of 30 feet equipped with an iron claw. Your arm is ideal to clear the route if there are other cars, trees or even zombies.

Survival Vehicle: Bug Out In Time to Live In A Post-Apocalyptic World

However, owning that vehicle is somewhat utopian, so you’ll want to build an arm similar to your own survival vehicle.

Rheinmetall Fuchs

If you are looking for a vehicle capable of detecting all kinds of hazards and you can also drive it through the water, you found it! Rheinmetall Fuchs is a German vehicle that, in addition to being completely amphibious, is also equipped with 2 propellers. This means that it can reach approximately 6 miles per hour under water.

Survival Vehicle: Bug Out In Time to Live In A Post-Apocalyptic World

In addition, it comes with many weapons that can be controlled with the help of a remote control. Once again, you will have to steal a bank to obtain this.

Audi A8 shielded

Things may not be devastating, but you may have to leave anyway. Therefore, the armored version of Audi A8 should be among your best options. It is very comfortable, it can offer you the thrill of speed and it is rare enough to make everything more challenging.

Survival Vehicle: Bug Out In Time to Live In A Post-Apocalyptic World

It is said that there are only 22 pieces in the whole world, so you may want to rush with your investments. The Spanish government is the one that ordered this type of customized Audi. It’s time to infiltrate!

Survival cars for VIPs.

Turning to survival cars that it is unlikely that anyone else has except the VIPs, we can count the Popemobile and Obama’s Cadillac, which is also called the Beast. The Popemobile is a Mercedes-Benz that has a throne surrounded by a bulletproof glass. As for the Beast, it is sealed to avoid biochemical attacks.

Survival Vehicle: Bug Out In Time to Live In A Post-Apocalyptic World

It includes fire fighting equipment and tear gas cannons, not to mention a thick 8-inch armor that ensures more mobility than you can imagine. Obama’s Cadillac is untouchable, but the Popemobile does not seem too difficult to duplicate.

Ready to go out

Now that you know the basics, you should start preparing to leave at any time. Try to take into consideration as many factors as you can.

Although you will find cars based on electrical impulses in the above list, keep in mind that they are sensitive to EMP events, so try to avoid them as much as possible. If you can, prepare more than one survival car for yourself and your loved ones. Money can be a problem, so adapting costly features to your vehicle can be tricky, but it’s definitely not impossible!

Survival Vehicle: Bug Out In Time to Live In A Post-Apocalyptic World

In the case of TEOTWAWKI, you can escape in a car equipped by you and look for one of the expensive models that you could not pay until then. Simply taking such cars will no longer count as theft!

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