Survival weapon AR-7

AR-7 rifle was developed by an American company Armalite (in that period, a division of Fairchild Aircraft) in the late 1950s as survival weapon in the wild. The main objective of this rifle was to hunt small game for food, while, since it was supposed to supply such rifles to military pilots, the size and weight of the weapon should have been minimal. It should be noted that the AR-7 rifle did not enter service, but it turned out to be quite popular in the civilian market. In the seventies of the 20th century, production rights AR-7 were purchased by the American company CharterArms Co, and now this rifle is produced by another American company Henry Repeating Arms Co.

AR-7 rifle It is popular as a companion weapon for tourists and travelers, as well as a weapon for elementary shooting and recreational shooting. The main features of this rifle – quick-release design and the use of corrosion-resistant materials (stainless steel and plastic). The main components of the rifle (barrel, receiver and magazine) are disassembled in niches made in a plastic butt and closed with a rubber butt pad.

TTX rifle AR-7

Type of Self-loading rifle
Caliber 5,6x16R / .22LR
Unloaded weight 1.13 kg
Length 889 mm
Barrel length 400 mm
Store capacity 8, 10, 15 rounds

AR-7 rifle uses automatics with a free shutter, shooting is conducted from a closed shutter. Powered cartridges – from detachable box magazine, inserted into the receiver, located in front of the trigger guard. Sights are fixed, for rifles of modern release there are brackets for mounting optical sights. The barrel is attached to the receiver by means of a cap nut, the receiver is attached to the stock with a screw, the head of which is located in the semi-pistol grip.

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