Survivalist’s DIY: How to Make A Pen Gun

Survivalist’s DIY: How to Make A Pen Gun

Weapons are by far the best option for self-defense in any SHTF scenario, but have you thought about this: what happens if there are no weapons or ammunition available to use when you need it most? Of course, knives and self-defense fighting tactics can be helpful, but not in all scenarios.

In case you are prevented from using or owning a gun, or if you do not have ammunition, you can create a pen gun. It is useful for self-defense purposes and may be one of the things to keep in mind when surviving, which may save your life. Below, you will find instructions and explanations on how to make a gun. Let’s see how it is done!

How do the guns work?

The guns use a simple mechanism made of rubber bands or springs, so that when the band or spring is pulled, the mechanism fires and projectiles whatever “ammunition” it is using.

You can use darts, for example, or anything else that crosses your mind. If you are using plastic pens to make your gun, be sure not to use anything that will quickly heat up to be your ammunition. When it comes to firing your ammunition, it’s all about physics, so the more force you put into the curve / spring, the greater the force you can transfer to the ammo you’re using and the bigger damage the target will get. .

Survivalist’s DIY: How to Make A Pen Gun

Perhaps the best option would be to use a pen made of steel, so I could use flaming darts and variations of smoke bombs, although the plastic pens would do a great job too, just do not use hot ammunition for the plastic ones. Now, regardless of the type of pen you decide, we will teach you how to make a ballpoint pen that uses the spring in its mechanism.

Gun Spring Mechanism

Any of the mechanisms of the elastic band or spring are excellent for making a pen gun that can help you in a difficult situation in which there is no other option but to defend yourself with what you have, although you could use a gun and ammunition.

Survivalist’s DIY: How to Make A Pen Gun

Let’s see how you can make a functional pencil gun with a spring mechanism.

What do you need?

For this DIY project, you will need to have the following things:

  • Punch out
  • Mountain range
  • Pliers
  • 3 pens with retractable mechanism
  • Keychain or a piece of thread.
  • 1 or 2 clips

Retractable pens

The retractable pens are the perfect option for this project, since the parts of the drill that need to be drilled are hollow: the button and the area that surrounds it.

Survivalist’s DIY: How to Make A Pen Gun

This will make your drilling much easier than it would be with drilling pens whose parts are more solid.

Paper clips

The paper clips should be large enough to fit the length of the pen and should be strong enough to hold the spring mechanism solidly. When you choose your clips, try and buy the ones that you know might contain 3 springs and still have some space left to cast.

Step 1: deconstructing pens

You must disassemble the pens; You should also keep everything in the first pen, except the ink cartridge, since you must use everything for the project. Then, take the second and third pen and remove the springs.

Step 2: clips

You need to stretch the clips and make a straight piece of wire. The paper clip, stretched as such, should be long enough to fit the spring it will use for the gun and still have some space left. Place a spring next to the paper clip, aligning it so that both ends of the clip protrude, making the clip longer than the spring.

Step 3: securing the clip

You should take the clip and a spring and place the clip through the spring so that one part protrudes. The other part must be secured and attached to the tip of the trimmer. Add another spring, placing it through the paper clip by the secured spring.

Step 4: drilling

The next step would be to drill two holes on each side of the part of the push button that you have taken from one of your pens.

Step 5: pushbutton assistant

Cut the white part of the pushbutton – the pushbutton help, so you can remove the narrow part of the part you are cutting.

Step 6: Assembly of parts.

Now you should have two pieces of the white part of the push button: the help of the push button.

Take one of the parts (the thickest) and place it on top of the spring where you placed the last, pulling the remaining part (the one that is stuck) through the thick white part of the push button.

Survivalist’s DIY: How to Make A Pen Gun

To pull the clip easily through the white part, it will demand the side of the white part that slides effortlessly, allowing you to secure the end of its construction. The narrow part of the white part of the push button assembly must face the spring to which it is attached.

Step 7: barrel

Now, when you have the internal structure of your gun, made of a clip, two springs and the pressure button, which is a thicker white part of the mechanism, you must take the barrel of a pen and place your construction inside the pen a way that the insured spring (the one that does not have the white part attached to it) is placed at the end of the boom (the one with the hole) so that the secured spring protrudes from the barrel.

Step 8: push it

Now you must take another ballpoint pen or other similar object to pull that pen / object through its barrel and push the clip towards the other end of the pen: the place where the white part of the push button is placed. The springs and the white part will remain inside the barrel, while the end of the clip will protrude. The white part is actually the thing that prevents the springs from being ejected.

Step 9: Do you remember that perforation?

Remember that piercing you did a couple of minutes ago? You will need that part, since now you are going to make the spring stick as straight as possible, since you must pull it through the narrow part of the push button assembly that you have drilled.

While doing so, you should first try to use the smallest possible paperclip to pull it and secure it to the narrow part of the button with holes. This is the case because you must watch for the spring to come loose so that the gun is functional. You may have to try working on this part a little longer until you can release the springs.

Step 10: Remove the pencil

Whether you are using a pencil or other similar object, when you are sure you have done the previous step correctly, secure the narrow part of the button with holes and use pliers to secure it to the tip of the protruding clip.

Remove the pencil carefully, taking care that the springs snap, advancing according to the mechanism you are doing. The push button should also move if the mechanism works, stopping thanks to the white part of the pencil. You may need to wear out the construction of the spring by pulling a couple of times to transfer all the force to the push button.

Step 11: pushbutton – remaining holes

There is another pair of holes that you have drilled in the part of the push button. You will use these holes to allow a key ring or a piece of thread to pass through both holes. You will use this part to pull the gun when aiming, just before firing.

Step 12: BBs

Surely you will know that BBs are a type of ammunition: you can buy them almost anywhere and, of course, you can find them and buy a box online. Alternatively, you can use darts instead of your ammunition.

How to use the pen gun?

Simply load the pencil gun with ammunition by placing them on top of the spring. If you are using darts, you must place it on the top of the spring so that it fits without falling off before firing it.

Survivalist’s DIY: How to Make A Pen Gun

Now you only need to aim with the gun while holding the button and releasing it while aiming at the target. That is all!

Now, if you prefer to make a rubber gun, here is how you can do that.

Rubber gun

The rubber gun gives you the same result, since it has the same mechanism as the previous pen gun in which we have been working.

Survivalist’s DIY: How to Make A Pen Gun

As the construction is a bit different, let’s see how we can make one.

What do you need?

  • 1 pen
  • 1 rubber curve
  • paper clip

Step 1: Remove parts

All parts of the pen must be removed. The tip of the pen must be cut out and the hole must be wide enough so that you can use the ammunition of your choice.

Step 2: Drilling

Just a little below the cutting tip, you will drill a hole through the tip of the pen (the remaining part), so that it has two holes on each side of the tip. Now you must have three holes: one large on the top and two small on each side of the remaining part of the tip of the pen.

Step 3: clip

You must re-take a clip and unroll it to make a straight wire. You will need it to be able to pull the rubber band through the holes you have previously drilled.

Step 4: elastic rubber

Pass the clip cable through the drilled holes and make a hook on one side, making sure to place the rubber band on the hook so you can pull through the holes in the barrel.

You can use more than one elastic band, which makes your catapult stronger.

Step 5: finish

Remove the hook from the clip and tie a knot in the rubber so you can secure it. Now you have your projectile.

How to use it?

Just aim at the target with the tip of your gun. The gun should be in one of your hands, while the other should hold and stretch the rubber band while aiming at the target. The ammunition is released when the band is released.

This version of the gun for pens is easier to make, but unlike the gun for pens with spring, the gun for pens is not really suitable to use BB This is a great version to shoot darts, so the gun with Spring base could be a better option, since you can shoot both BBs and darts with ease.

Survivalist’s DIY: How to Make A Pen Gun

You can, with a little practice and experimentation, improve both designs by making them easier to use. You can add a stand to your gun to make it look more like a gun, since, besides being a great advantage, it will also be easier to use with a stand. If you want to use the rubber gun of the rubber band and still want to try to shoot BB from it, you can experiment and make a platform that will help you use other types of round ammunition, like BB.

Either way, having an additional option, which may also be your only option when SHTF occurs and you need to defend yourself, a gun can and will be of great help. You can use it to shoot poisonous or flaming darts or just use it. It’s a good distraction to take BBs out. That’s why I recommend you practice your own pen: as a survivor, you can never be fully prepared, but you can try!


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