Survive in the city

The dependence of modern man on electricity difficult to overestimate. There is no need to be required. Therefore, it is possible to interrupted at any time. Moreover, it’s not a matter of how much a peninsula can be. If you’re a power plant. And everything – the usual way of life collapses. Therefore the knowledge of how to live without light – It is not a strange need for any person. You need to

How to live without light: autonomy

Actually, the first thing to pay attention to. If there is no power supply, it is periodically – the solution of the “tohow to live without light?»Completely falls on everyone personally. And the easiest way to do it – diesel generator. It’s clear how to live away from power lines. Pros – a comprehensive solution for almost all problems. Cons – If you take it really good and efficient. Gasoline itself diesel generator You can buy almost anywhere.

But there is an alternative – solar and wind generators. Unfortunately, while diesel generator There is a fuel. It would be a problem to make it to the house or cottage. Therefore, city residents how to live without light and how to get electricity.

How to live without light: water

No light – water pumps are not working. Pumps are not working – water supply is not working. It is not clear that the water supply system has been completely or partially filled. This means that the water will not be very long. The solution is simple. Find out where you can find out. And then – egg caps in hand and forward. The water on the sixteenth floor. And it will take a lot of water – drinking, cooking, hygiene. So be morally ready for this.

It can be used immediately to create reserves. Filled pots, jars and bathtubs are a rational solution. It is a fact that it will be the first hand). It has been shown that it can be used to make it easier to use it. And what lack of electricity – May be well rally.

How to live without light: heat

No current – no water. No water – no heating. No heating in the winter Fortunately, completely solvable, only requires some preparation. Firstly – personal warming. There are all essential conditions for survival. Secondly – gas. Seriously, it’s a solution to the problem of heat. It is a rather dangerous thing. Thirdly, heaters “how to live without light?”It is a combination of heat resistance and heat resistance.

Great example candle heater was designed by a certain Doyle Doss from California. Calmian had to be assembled a really effective piece. Like heater – There are several concentric ceramic or metal pots that are equipped with additional washers and screws. This whole structure is located The core is very hot, the heat is distributed by ceramics. Concerning alcohol heaters, that’s all pretty simple here too. Alcohol and an awl. Somewhere along the perimeter, neat holes are punched. Alcohol is poured, the bank is slightly shaken. After that, the lighter is brought to the holes. It is clear that there has been a loss of energy. 50 ml will burn for about 15 minutes. You can, of course, use a spirit lamp, but you still need to buy it somewhere.

And you can still build a miniature heater on the wood. I need two cans of different diameters. In the bottom we have to make a distance from the base. The bottom of the bottom is covered with holes. Banks are inserted into each other. Holes provide heat, it can be used for cooking – cheaply and angrily. And it is possible to build the stove-stove itself.

How to live without light: leisure

It’s probably the most difficult moment, Fortunately, come to the rescue batteries, which are either charged during the supply of current, or are connected to generators. It can be used to make sure that it can be removed. There are special USB batteries chargers that recharge mobile phones, tablets and smartphones.

So that live without light not only possible, but also not particularly bored. In the end, no one has canceled paper books. Reading the literature by the candlelight is very useful and fascinating, and most importantly – a useful activity. And you can both buy candles and make yourself. It can not be used on batteries, but on battery, which could be recharged when needed. And in general, forget about batteries – it is economically unprofitable.

As you can seehow to live without light?”Does not even need to have special skills and expensive equipment. Does it need to remember that it can be solved, sooner or later, one way or another. BUT live without light… Well, we’re an anesthetic

Survive in the city

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