Survive in the cold: 8

It is therefore a note that it was written here. However, residents of the United States in question “how to survive“They also understand something, so the information is useful.

Extreme winter weather threatened North Americans Last year, for example, two Canadian tourists were barely rescued by the forest. Marked by the Saless of the Canadian Rockies.

But there wasn’t any kind of extreme tourism, Wearing a snow shoe, it can be used to avoid unpleasant consequences.

How to survive

It is worth it. It is not necessary to revise the program. 8 simple rules.

Survival Skill # 1: Dress Right

It is necessary to avoid excessive overheating and sweating, wrapping in several layers of protective clothing. The natural layer is waterproof. I love you socks.

Skill survival # 2: Properly make a fire in winter

Dryness and warmth are your main priorities. Therefore, it is not necessary to use this method in practice.

Survival Skill # 3: Keep Warm

Hypothermia and frostbite can be obtained. To avoid this, save your energy and avoid sweating. If you are not alone, cuddle. It’s easier keep warm – In cold In addition, forget the blood circulation in the limbs, which is also useful.

Skill Survival # 4: Be able to give a distress signal

Of course, the terrain orientation skills are not always so much easier. It is not the only one. It is also worthwhile to learn how to use three short sharp whistles. There are three small stones and some small stones.

Survival Skill # 5: Find a Safe Water Source

The best option is clean thawed snow. In his absence, any running water will fit. Only it must be heated and boil for at least 3 minutes. Only after that it is considered conditionally safe.

Survival Skill # 6: Create Shelter

Your main priorities are dryness and warmth. And for this you need to find or build some kind of shelter to protect against snow and wind. Of course, you can hide in natural caves and under fallen trees. But you can save your life. So read the relevant instructions in advance. In this case, consider how the situation is with snow. with his shortage. Shelters in each of these cases will be somewhat different.

Survival Skill # 7: Find Food

Skill important, but not paramount. It can be found. For a long time. You can be taken with you. Of course, it will not be enough, but it will help you to warm up.

Survival Skill # 8: Be able to concentrate and concentrate down

Boredom and fear of loneliness. They interfere with thinking sensibly, as, however, and fear with fatigue. Therefore, it doesn’t help survival. Some types of meditation help this case.

In conclusion, Called 5 Winter Camping Hacks to Stay Comfy. Or “5 tips on how to stay comfortable in a winter hike“.

Original article – 8 cold-weather survival skills everyone should know

Survive in the cold: 8

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