Survive the first 90 days after BP. Part 1: General Principles

Most liberally-minded people arebad timesWill inevitably come. It’s not so mean. But many do not even try to prepare.

In general, there are many reasons why people do not prepare for anything.

  • Someone is not preparing,
  • Someone (most likely most of us) is limited by budget.
  • After all, it is completely confused.

The sad thing is that you’re justuniversal kits»For survival and other useless nonsense. You can understand the businessmen,

You need to be prepared for. No one. In addition to banal natural disasters, people reading the newsletter, the gang of the UN, etc. Prepare for bombing, terrorist attacks, occupation, sanctions, what exactly?

However, it’s necessary to break down the concept of long-term and long-term ones.

Most prepared prepare long term threats, something like global nuclear war, countries and countries. If you want to give you that, they’ll give you this,

Let’s start with the simple, with short term threats, as possibly more likely. So, you have to at least 90 days of survival.

Protect your stocks for 90 days

As a result of these important things, don’t spend a single penny on anything else! It is a sophisticated radio station where you can’t have food and water. Coolest in the whole world electric generator also. If you want to eat and drink.

It can be easy to get it. Without water, you will last 2-3 days, depending on the conditions. Now you can imagine that there’s no problem. The situation is so-so, right?

However, let’s assume exactly how our 90 days of survival will look like?

There is no water, there is no food, Let’s go countless.

Lack of food will cause massive chaos. There will be terrible violence. At each point. Will remain “king of the hill“.

You ask, what about the rescue service, the army? Well, we understand that they will protect objects of national importance It is not clear that people will be able to cut water.

First 30 days

First third of ours 90 days of survival will be cruel. There will be accidental and intentional killings. Approximately half of the gangsters, someone with hunger and dehydration. Moreover, both armed thugs and ordinary people will die.

For these 30 days, our task is simply to survive. Time “lie down on the bottom“Notice, do not dump away from the city, namely,“ down down to the bottom. “Yes, you can. If you’re going to die, you’ve been killed.

Bloody, paint or hang windows, scattering shelter looked abandoned. It will not live long.

This means that you need to take care of food waste. It is a nice bonus.

Of course, very cool if you have infrared cameras perimeter, radio station, power supplies for a laptop or phone, solar panels, etc. The list of these “nice additions” can go on and on.

It absolutely doesn’t matter.

Days 31 through 60

Next third of your 90 days of survival will be completely different. The gangster groups will remain the strongest because they survived. They will be cruel and merciless, because they are not mentioned above. In the case of petrol briquettes, it’s possible. Plus, motorways and roads are littered with abandoned vehicles. It will be more profitable and more convenient to walk on foot.

These small groups will be After all, they have no reserves, as we have. They will not go there too.

Let’s pretend that government forces This will make it possible to begin operations. With the inclusion of national security forces, volunteers, etc. It will be a matter of course.

During this time, you can leave the shelter. Preferably day and a group of several people. With weapon. Ideally, 2 cars of 4 armed men each. However, if it’s not a city, it’s better not to lean out. It is a gangster or a survivor.

30 days will not. Will survive. The “elite”, and not the salvation of ordinary people.

Days from 61 to 90

Third part of your 90 days of survival. Hopefully, by this time, restoration work and guidance will begin. final order in the country. It will not be completely destroyed. essential products. At a minimum, there will be food aid, food and water.

It makes sense to take advantage of the situation and replenish stocks. Personally, it’s not worth it. Also, if possible, you shouldn’t be mistaken for a shit. It is also worth assuming that after 90 days, your survival is over. Life instantly.

The population of the country will decrease by this time. It will take a long time to clear the debris, destruction and burial of corpses.

If you survive during these 90 days, you will gain invaluable experience and knowledge. Learn the lessons of the next 90 days.

Of course, this is just a plan. We can’t know what will happen and how. It has begun. Phase lengths may vary. You will not be given a break. However, if something goes bad, it will grow very quickly.

In the following sections, we will try to address the issue of water, food, hygiene and survival in more detail. Stay tuned for updates on the site.

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* ISIL is a terrorist organization banned in Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, European countries, etc.

Survive the first 90 days after BP. Part 1: General Principles

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