Surviving with a Survivor: Nephronic Wife’s Notes

Family life with survivor – is a series of unpredictable events where you need to be always alert, and fall asleep only making sure that he fell asleep.
We can be in the forest “It’s urgently necessary to test it”. This brings to our family life not only adventure way of life, but also like a childhood discovery (just like in childhood).

Of the benefits:

Hands grow from the right place. True survivalist It is not necessary to mention a “stick” or “hang a shelf” …

Gorgeous cooks. Although it will always say the opposite. It is a painful situation in the forest. Know what I’m talking about) disappears.

With him heat. Any man has his body or arms. But survivalist anywhere situation ignition, and flint, it will be a matter of seconds.

With him safely. In addition to 100,500 ways survival, getting something and making fire survivalist knows no less about protection, both from people and from animals. So you can sleep well.

With such you will not be lost. As mentioned above, make survivalist can anything of what is. He is not afraid of any work survived and got out of such JOs .. that “dirty work” does not exist for him. If it doesn’t work will get all that is needed. So, in any situation and food, and water, and the fire, and security provided.

It’s fun to be with him. He learned to survive, he learned to laugh at himself. Besides life like Adventure, life with him can be called a joke. And not a trivial “stumbled-fell”, but something sublime, like Pratchett’s humor.

If we are together – it is forever. For the sake of the feminine “mi-mi-mi” one could come up with something like “we are halves of each other.” But everything is easier. The survivor upgrade everything, including his wife. It can be only in a couple of characteristics. Important characteristics are determined at the initial stage of selection of women.

Does it make sense to change pumped woman to another in the base set? Robust survivalist knows no. Too expensive, both in time and in finance.

Nevertheless, it sometimes looks narrowly fishes“May be why:survival“but not”heavenly life“?

It’s simple

The survivor always ready for survival, he regularly develops his skills. At such moments you have to be officer’s wife – or survive he is already “survived“.

When Apocalypse and BP do not come for a long time – survivalist finds them himself. His wife – fun. Almost like a roller coaster.

Surviving with a survivor: Nephron wife’s notes

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