Survivor’s Garden: Shallots

Human nutrition must be balanced. You can hold out on the skin for a long time. And there isn’t even talk about scurvy, which occurs due to a lack of vitamin C. although less dangerous, diseases.

And the survivalists who will be guided by an autonomous economy are less likely to ruin their bodies. Of course, it will make it possible to understand the deficiency of vitamins and minerals. It is not necessary to have a high calorie content. Same shallot There are few calories, but it is not a problem. It will be discussed today.

general information

Main value shallots not in bulbs (although they can also be eaten), but in green leaves. They are much tastier and more nutritious than onions of ordinary. At the same time almost bitter. There are even varieties in all, even in the bulbs. It can be taken in the same time as the nickel, potassium, phosphorus, carotenoids, Also shallot valued for its mild flavor, with both green leaves and bulbs. Tastes than regular onions.

But us shallot primarily interested in its frost resistance. That is, yes – it tolerates frost calmly at -5 degrees, germinates at positive temperatures, and at 19-20 degrees Celsius enters a phase of optimal growth. You can get some greens already in the middle of may. How useful it is.


Shallot The acid should be well-moistened and moderately flowing. That is, sandy loam and loam will be fine. Can and black soil, but not necessarily.

It is propagated by seeds, while it is propagated by seeds, it can be crossed. So these species are best not to grow together. It will be better to germinate. The amount of fertilizer content of the soil humus (4 kg per square meter), ammonium nitrate (15 grams per square meter) and superphosphate (25 grams per square meter) has been observed.

Shallot – There are several harvests from one bulb. But after a few years of such leaves, the degenerates. So it’s time to go. Collects seeds, and then it collects seeds.

The depth of the depth of 5 cm. In addition, the distance between rows should not be at least 20 cm. Immediately after planting, it is recommended. This event is held in the early spring. In short, the time of stable frost doesn’t happen anymore. A short this bow is not terrible.

Care, cleaning and storage

The first bait is carried out 2 weeks after the germination of the bulbs. Organic fertilizers are 10 square meters of planting. It is also recommended to add calcium and superphosphate during the formation of full-fledged bulbs. Approximately 15 grams per square meter.

As for weeding and care, there is nothing. Once a week, the period spray standard insecticides. Shallot nothing is different.

The criterion of yellow leaves of the leaves. After that, you’ve been cutting for a bit, you’re sent for ripening. For about two weeks. If everything is done, then it will only be up to the end of storage.

Survivor’s Garden: Shallots

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