Survivor’s Home Drinks: Aojiru – Vitamin Drink

The ideal drink should also have healing properties. The sun knew both this ancestors and the sun. Since it has been suffering from parasitic worms from raw fish. And in this situation, it is very highly valued.

Actually, therefore, the Japanese invented a special fortified drink – aojiru (or aojiru – the yaponisty have long argued about). In short, this is a special green vitamin cocktail based on cabbage juice. The thing is terribly healthy, but terrible in taste. Seriously, drink cabbage juice is almost impossible. So the Japanese went on various tricks.

To be honest, there were few possible tricks. Still, it doesn’t cover all the people’s needs. So I had to take it. Sprouts barley, which is only slightly lost in the rice. Celery, which could be found in any garden. Milk, since animal husbandry has been relatively developed.

As for cabbage, kale cabbage was used in the original recipe. She, I have to say more than a salad. And her taste is much worse. But it has to be taken. aojiru.

In addition, kale cabbage contains high-grade protein. Seriously. In the green “salad” there are proteins containing 9 of 18 essential amino acids. Omega-3 fatty acid is also a powerful antioxidant. You don’t even need to talk about vitamins — there are huge amounts of B and C vitamins. Such nutritional value is worth enduring the disgusting taste. It’s not possible to claim that it’s one of the longest-lived nations. And all thanks aojiru.

But we are a little distracted. The simplest recipe aojiru It sounds like this:

  • Cabbage kale (can and white) – 200 grams
  • Barley sprouts – 150 grams
  • Celery (in the original – asitaba or Japanese dagil, but hell get it from us) – 150 grams
  • Milk or water – 200 ml.

Mix, strain (not necessary), pour liquid, put in a cool place. The result is a rich green something that you can drink. If there is still taste, add sugar there. It practically does not affect the beneficial properties.

But why so strange recipe interested us? And because it is quite simple, useful and effective. It will be especially useful in those who want an autonomous economy. Aojiru – An excellent source of vitamins, proteins and carbohydrates, which are also easily digested. It is easier to drink it. And yes, if you teach yourself to drink a glass aojiru you will not only strengthen the body, but you also will And this is extremely useful.

Survivor’s Home Drinks: Aojiru &# 8212; fortified drink

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