Survivor’s Home Drinks: Ayran

The complete confrontation of the nomads and the farmers ended with the rules. It was a time when it came to life. It was just the case that the farmers could not help it.

Nevertheless, nomads survived quite well even in very harsh conditions. Potential give away. After all, it is not only meat, skins and milk – including long-term storage products. And now we will talk about one such product, which is ideal for quenching thirst in extreme conditions. airane.

First thought of cooking airan The most product. Grub. It has been the water that has been added. It turned out edible and delicious. Anyway airan among the nomadic peoples of the sedentary. It has been shown that it has been proven that it has been proven to

In fact, airan – something like salty kefir. It is made from milk by fermented milk. It seems simple, right? It can be used as a remedy. .

Formally, airan divided into “home” and “nomadic.” It is like a “semi-finished product”, which can be stored for a long time. And if from “nomadic” airana additionally remove the liquidsyzmy“From which it is possible, for example, to do kurut. And you can add to the soup or just eat it. But we got a little distracted.

We need a liter of milk and 50 grams of leaven. Lemon can be any fermented milk product – kefir, sour cream, ryazhenka. Milk gently boil, give some time to boil, then cool to 35-40 degrees and add the leaven. It is ideal for the environment. Put in a warm place for 6 hours and stir occasionally. You can not interfere, but in this case the consistency airana it will be more difficult. Plus, this product is more likely to eat than drink.

Thus preparing a “nomadic” airan It is thick, and it doesn’t need to prevent the microorganisms from multiplying in it. It can be diluted with water, we get “homemade” airan. In addition to the salt, it can be easily absorbed.

Diluted airan It is no longer possible for you to resist the microorganisms. You should also add that people with lactose intolerance airan contraindicated It is not recommended that you accept aggravates the condition.

Survivor’s Home Drinks: Ayran

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