Survivor’s Home Drinks: Bread Kvass

Summer. Heat. Poorly have to all, even who are accustomed to endure high temperatures. Therefore, it is necessary to resort to various methods of dealing with heat. More fluids. Works in most situations when a person is not constrained in resources. But then the question arises – what to drink?

Someone will say that water will be enough. However, calcium doesn’t have any minerals. Therefore, only water will not do. Carbonated drinks? Immediately not. It doesn’t occur, but it doesn’t occur. Beer or other alcohol? Also no. Green tea is an option, but not optimal. It is the best way to go. bread kvass.

History of kvass and chemistry

Let’s start from afar. It was not clear that there was a problem with it. It is a beer that has been brewed.

Since the grain and yeast were everywhere, thought of creating bread kvass. Moreover, it was the main drink, including alcoholic. You’ll get it really hard, considering that you can’t get it? Exactly.

What is actually a trick. Bread kvass Obtained from flour or crackers, through simultaneous lactic acid and alcoholic fermentation. But due to the peculiarities of cooking, lactic acid bacteria stupidly dominate in those who produce alcohol. 2 percent alcohol – the maximum that is possible with the traditional method cooking kvass. Of course, if you’re hotter, you’re more cool and stronger. But it will be a recipe. making beer, about which we’ll talk some other time.

Bread kvass – a drink that contains natural acids, carbohydrates, which are easily digested, proteins and minerals. It is enough to compensate for the loss of trace elements. The effect is on the digestive system, then success. bread kvass becomes absolutely natural.

But we are interested in practice. Namely – cooking bread kvass at home. It is an extremely simple recipe. It is about the recipe that we will tell you, because in our business, the main thing is efficiency. And you yourself can perfectly complicate and modernize them. So.

Principle one. Elementary

We will need rye flour, sugar and water. Everything. Seriously. We can prepare for the thick, which will then perform the function of yeast. At 12 liters of kvass, we need somewhere liter thick. It is a mixture of sugar and sugar, add two tablespoons of sugar, then mix it with water. A warm place. When the ground gets some sourness – you can continue cooking bread kvass. We’re boil water (8-9 liters) and 2 tablespoons of sugar. Still mixing the water, mixing the water thoroughly so that no lumps form. Leave for 4 hours in a dark and warm place. After that, we’ll fill you up for 7 hours. The main thing is that it is warm in the room. Readiness criterion bread kvass – bubbling foam. Pour it all into bottles and filter. Leftovers can be reused. Everything is very simple and pretty fast.

Principle two. Yeast plus crackers

We will need rye bread (500 grams), sugar (250 grams), yeast (20 grams) and water (5 liters). Bread – as simple as possible, without any additives. In the oven until the first tannins appear. This will give kvass a light bitterness and rich color. Boil water, there it is. For 48 hours we put in a dark and warm place. We breed yeast in warm water (3 times more in volume than the amount of yeast). Filter the kvass wort, squeeze the crackers and pour the liquid into a fermentation tank. Add diluted yeast and 200 grams of sugar. It is possible to escape from the water in the dark and warm place. After that, you can add the remaining sugar. Hermetically close the bottle and wait for another 5-6 hours. Actually, everything. The way bread kvass will be more saturated.

Based on these recipes, you can start experimenting. Someone prefers to add raisins instead of yeast – like natural lactic acid bacteria, everything. Someone instead of rye flour uses wheat and barley. Someone at a later stage adds more sugar. In a word, modification options preparations bread kvass lot. The main thing – do not be afraid to experiment!

Survivor’s Home Drinks: Bread Kvass

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