Survivor’s Home Drinks: Lassi – Indian Coolant

India is a wonderful country. It is a program that has been developed by the United States. Contrast in contrast, in short. Indian drinks are the same. They can easily combine spices and sweet fruits. And tell you about it.

This drink is called lassi. In fact – a mixture of water, yogurt, spices and ice. When it became refrigerated, it became clear that it had become a refrigeration unit. So we can assume that in lassi only three components.

In this case, it can be obtained through the shelves of water. There are many cows, they are not slaughtered. True, those cows … That’s another sight. Nevertheless, milk is given – and to hell with them.

Spices in this drink are vital. It is the concept of water that is clearly intersecting. There is even a cleaning, drinking water and semi-burnt bodies that are dumped into local rivers. Yeah, recycling after cremation is established well-established. Already a couple of thousand years. It is not possible to drink it.

The most common spices are cumin (one of the earlier versions lassi implies mandatory use of it), cumin, cardamom, ginger, nutmeg, black pepper and much more. It can be drunk.

But the rest – everything is simple. The components are mixed, whitened to a state of foam and cooled. Everything. You can drink. Baters for beating. In addition, the concept of spicy lassi make it sweet. And they began to flow.

For sweet lassi during the cooking process, simply add fruit to the mixture. Well, put the spices much less.

If you can understand the proportions.

Classic lassi

  • 2 glasses of water
  • half a cup of yogurt
  • half a teaspoon ground ginger
  • half a teaspoon ground cardamom
  • a teaspoon of sugar

All mix and beat until foam. Next, add ice cubes and drink. Some shots instead of sugar salt put.

In addition, in India there is a special traditional lassi – Bhang lassi. It is both cool and relax. It is a lot of difficult to find? In short, you can safely experiment. For the optimal result.

However, lassi effectively performs its task – quenches thirst, serves as a source of nutrients, improves digestion. So take this recipe for yourself note.

Water extraction

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