Survivor’s Home Drinks: Mead

The law of the nation. After all, the crowd is not capable of constructive actions, therefore, it is relatively safe for the authorities. But the other extreme is also not true.

One of the most popular of these drinks was mead – low alcohol beverage obtained by fermenting diluted honey and various spices. Today’s article. It is not a good idea.

So, mead. She appears among the Slavs. This is the oldest Slavic craft. And where the bees are, there is honey. And where it was, it was not necessary to … Cherries, for example, for taste. And then accidentally forget somewhere in a warm place. Fermentation will begin, alcohol will stand out. It will be a bit, but nonetheless. And then – the case of greed. Do not pour out the drink – better try first.

Such a scenario would immediately be the case for the fermented liquid. Well, then – the matter of the process and the complexity of the process. And for a long time mead remain almost the only national alcoholic beverage. Hell, hell mead almost over.

Fortunately, not everywhere. Where did they continue to breed? For personal use, of course. It’s stupidly topped up. But they have kept the number of original recipes, and have begun to turn to. So now mead no longer a rarity. And most importantly, it is quite possible to do at home.

We will need:

  • 300 grams of honey
  • 2 liters of water
  • teaspoon yeast
  • 5 grams of hop cones
  • 5 grams of cinnamon

Honey is poured into boiling water, which is constantly stirred. After a short time, a white foam appears, which must be removed. After that add spices and additives. Celsius. If it is higher, the yeast will die. Add dry yeast and put it in a warm and dark place. It will be foam and gurgling sounds. The liquid is filtered and poured into a bottle with a thin neck. Install the water slide.

There is a one-way gas outlet. This is done as follows. A hose is inserted. Polyvinyl is suitable. It can be a mead. It should not be a matter of 2-3 cm). The second end is immersed in a jar of water. It will be squeezed out through a hose. The air inside can not flow.

So here. When the bubbles stop coming out, but it will be in 6-7 days or even more, then the fermentation process can be considered complete. Mead filter and pour into storage tanks. It is best to give it a drink.

As you can see this recipe mead as simple as possible and may be subject to various modifications. It will be noted that it can be replaced. But this is up to you. It is a positive effect on taste. If you’re looking for something to mead it only benefits.

There is an even simpler recipe, as close as possible to that according to which mead was originally prepared. It consists in the following:

At 1 liter of water will need 2 kg of honey and 3 kg of cherries. Honey is diluted in cold water, bones are removed from the cherries. It is important to remove the wild yeast from it. Everything is kneaded and poured into a container with a narrow neck. It is a warm place. The fermentation process will begin in 5 days. It begins to flow through the cloth. In three months “put mead“will be ready. Fortress – 3-4 degrees. The taste is carbonated, sweetish, with a slight sourness. The way is simple, but damn long.

As you see mead You can cook with a minimum of effort. Yes, the fortress will be good, but it is good! I love you to relax a little. This is already a personal choice of everyone. So take a recipe for armament, but remember to stop it.

Survivor’s Home Drinks: Mead

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