“Survivor” – the story of a forgotten soldier

I read the story “Thirty rounds and Kalashnikov at the bottom.” I liked it very much, even though many people didn’t believe it.

It was the time when it was based on the airborne division of the 7th Airborne Division. Our battalion was located in the city of Kaunas. We had three companies, of course, of course. Our third company is the most successful – telephone operators, relay operators, Zasovtsy. There was a relay station followed by a soldier. It has been noted that it’s not a problem.

So, being still a “spirit”, I happened to witness this story.

… After a rainbow, a terrible stir rose.
“They brought Zyom, they brought Zyom!” – it was a lot of fun.

After that, the grandfather entered the barracks. Grandfather, natural, in a sweatshirt, with a huge black beard, in felt boots, and with a belt with a buckle of a fireman. And here, damn it, it all started! Someone ranked with a clipper, turned into a pair of coat and pants, and one “Mice” (officers) if they appear in the area of ​​location. I was addicted to the barracks, But he could have been despatched by the kolrotyr or foreman, Lyfar, he was a middle-aged warrant officer in Hungary and Czechoslovakia.

In short, after a short time, this grandfather was trimmed, shaved, and turned into a soldier. He was black, though Muscovite, and hairy. They didn’t have the time to finally “ennoble” “Where is this contra Ivanushkin?!” Ivanushkin left with the political officer.

It wasn’t been able to make it. I love you and my friends and political officer.

Here is how it was. The soldier of the the point ush ush ush ush ush Was his house They have been promised for 10 days, then promised to supply them. A couple of days later, the Ivanushkin soldier’s phone was turned. After 10 days, he was brought in the next 10 days. And that’s all. And fucked up! About the soldier FORGOT !!! Lost for 7 months !!!

He didn’t have to be fucked who was bothered! And so he served these long months. If you’ve been on the line, you’ve been able to find the rural life. And he returned before the demob in part of stupidity.

Imagine a picture of a girlfriend walking along a back road. In the shop there is a local shop. He suggested that he should be in Lithuanian. And I didn’t understand my grandfather, threw a bag – and into the forest! The forest brother, and, of course, caught the peasant. It was a warrior-paratrooper!

As a result, Ivanushkin has gotten a slight fright since the story has been made. He served as a battalion of a photographer (his civilian specialty, by the way, was).

If I can say so, amusing. I couldn’t have

Author – Igor Ropotov

“Survivor” &# 8212; the story of the forgotten soldier

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