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I am sure that many of our readers have been asked the question. We, if anything, will be nishtyak. ”I don’t argue with potatoes, you can even grow on Mars. This will make it possible to reduce the amount of water.

But there is an alternative – a vegetable, which is rightly called the “sweet potato”. Its official name is sweet potato. It can be used to make it up for six months. Moreover, in Canada, a clever way was developed that allows to successfully grow sweet potato even in temperate climates. But about everything in order.

general information

Sweet potato – type of tuber-bearing plants of the family of convolvulidae. But yes, this is also a type of nightshade and a distant relative of potatoes. It was cultivated so that it was no longer found. It is also not known how sweet potato hit the New Zealand, West Indies and Polynesia. As a hypothesis, South America were brought there. This is the possibility of Thor Heyerdahl.

Then with sweet potato met their Spanish colonialists, who immediately rushed to their homeland. It has been a familiar affair. As for Russia, the yam is not caught. This heat-loving plant doesn’t ripen in our conditions.

If we talk about the nutritional value sweet potatoes It is not necessary to take into account the number of different types of animals. Besides, in sweet potato contains retinol (vitamin A), vitamins of group B, ascorbic acid and vitamin K. Calcium, sodium and zinc in sweet potato trace elements in trace elements.


Practically So now we have to use mainly vegetative reproduction – tubers or cuttings grown from tubers. The second option is better, because plants are more predictable.

Anyway, the tuber must be germinated. There are many options – greenhouses, insulated beds, boxes. Yes, you can even make a tuber germinate, if you maintain the desired temperature and water. It should not fall below 20 degrees Celsius. Everything else is much less important. Is that regular watering. With one tuber can sprout for quite some time.

The seventh week after the start of the cultivation. At this point, they should reach 20 cm in length. If it is warm, it can be cut, can be planted. The distance between the rows – from 70 to 120 cm, and between the individual plants – from 30 to 50 cm. It is not necessary to interfere with each other.

As for the soil, sweet potato prefers sand, sandy loam or loam. It is not wet at all. There is no access to normal fertile soils. As for fertilizers, it is not necessary for those who contain nitrogen, potassium and calcium. Before the start of the summer season.


Insofar as sweet potato drought-resistant culture, it is not necessary to water it additionally. The cuttings must be rooted out. After that, you can water only occasionally. Also sweet potato since it is a disease. However, some of our bugs sweet potato relished The wireworms, spider mites and the may be beetle. In short, with virtually all typical potato pests.

It takes from 100 to 140 days, depending on the planting season. sweet potatoes.


Gather sweet potato When it comes to the temperature of the water. Dig the tubers either with a pitchfork. It is necessary to ensure that the roots are not damaged.

Before direct storage, sweet potato should ripen. In order to keep it warm, the crops are put in a warm room (temperature from 30 degrees), where it is well ventilated at 80-90 percent. There sweet potato must be for 5 days – it will be formed around the roots and increase the shelf life. This procedure is also called “sweet potato treatment”, since it has been received.

Alternative growing method

Sweet potato It is especially sensitive to low temperatures. But in Canada, it’s not a problem.

The problem is that sweet potato It is a close up to 20 degrees Celsius, and at 15 degrees all the metabolic processes completely stop. It’s not a problem. That is why it is sufficiently intensive grounding sweet potato could easily grow. You can use the greenhouse effect.

We need a clear plastic film. A lot of film. Roll up with a width of 2.6 meters. Two beds with a width of 1.3, which is just enough for sweet potatoes. We put it on the ground, as much as possible. Greenhouse effect. The seeds will not breathe.

When cuttings sweet potatoes we follow as follows. For a cup-shaped re-cut in the middle. Sand or another bulk substance. Everything. Root vegetables will be sufficiently insulated.

It is the heating of air to 13–15 degrees. As soon as the thermometer is reached The temperature of the ground itself. If 20 degrees and above – you can plant.

The author of this method is Canadian. Allan ken. He grows sweet potato similarly since the mid eighties of the last century. And there were no failures yet.

So take the information on weapons. Who knows how life will turn out. Knowledge, skills and the knowledge.

Survivors Garden: Batat

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